9 Reasons Why Doctors On TV Are Better Than Doctors In Real Life

Licensed doctors are amazing people, but the M.D.s on TV are the ones we can’t stop talking about. Check out why it’s the actors who always get our hearts racing, and check out The CW’s new show, “Emily Owens, M.D.,” when it premieres tonight at 9/8c.

1. They Take Group Showers

They save lives together all day, so showering with each other is pretty much just their way of caring about the environment.

2. They’re Serious About Answering Your Embarrassing Questions

And without making fun of you, too!

3. They Find The Energy To Play In Bands

…and sound pretty amazing.

4. They Forget What Breast Implants Look Like

Dr. Drew actually hired a doctor to come on his show and give a sonogram to Courtney Stodden as a means of finding out (once and for all?) if she had breast implants. At first, the doctor thought Courtney had implants, but then he realized he was mistaken and it was just normal tissue!

5. They Write In Their Journals About Their Mothers

It’s important they keep track of their feelings amidst all the blood and guts and everything, ya know?

6. They Aren’t Afraid To Sing About Guy Love

IN FRONT of other people, no less!

7. Their Lives Are SO DRAMATIC

And are perfect for setting to dramatic music, turning into tributes and uploading to YouTube.

8. They Have Very Good Sex

Even though we don’t know what kind of sex that real doctors are having, it’s probably safe to say it doesn’t look like this.

9. They Acknowledge Their Insecurities

Dr. Emily Owens may have a degree in medicine, but deep down she’s just another person who wants to succeed but spends too much time worrying about what everyone thinks of her. Be sure to watch to see how well she balances her insecurities with her love of practicing medicine in the season premiere of “Emily Owens, M.D.,” on The CW on Oct. 16th at 9/8c.

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