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26 Ways To Get Out Of A Sticky Situation, According To Jack Bauer

Then, and only then, will you live another day.

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1. If you're trying to avoid being apprehended and someone comes after you, beat up your attacker and steal his gun.

2. If multiple men are shooting at you, shove one between two beams. It'll take some pressure off.

3. When you're being chased down the street, create barriers with whatever is closest to you.

4. But if someone fires a gun near your leg, it's best to just surrender.

5. If you're taken into a high security holding area, look as stern as humanly possible.

6. And if someone tries to interrogate you, hold on to that poker face as hard as you possibly can.

7. Even if your emotions are being tracked by a monitor, DO NOT show those emotions externally.

8. Make sure you have a chip implanted in your hand to trigger blackouts in the event you're put in a compromising situation.

9. When needing to break a friend out of maximum security, threatening the person holding said friend with a gun can do the trick.

10. It's good to make friends who will blow holes into buildings for you, in the event that someone is interfering with your original escape plan.

11. A friend with a ladder and a fast car is useful too.

12. No matter how many guns are pointed at you, use any distraction (like other gun shots from afar) to run away.

13. If someone tries to stop you from escaping a parking garage, don't give up. Where there's a will, there's a way.

14. If you do escape, make sure a friend who knows how to carjack is available as your getaway.

15. When your fake disguise fails you, a jacket is a great makeshift weapon.

16. If you can't talk your way into a building, start a riot and run in with the crowd.

17. When you've barricaded yourself in a room, sometimes it's best to side with an enemy.

18. Seriously though, that poker face can get you far in life. Even with the president of the United States.

19. Never take your eyes off the bad guy in a gun fight, because he could throw a grenade at any moment.

20. The best way to escape a drone is to drive really, really fast.

21. If you're going to scale a building, make sure you know how to work the rope.

22. When you're the underdog in an uneven gunfight, aim for the propane tanks.

23. In the event you need to take over a heavily armed cargo ship, have a friend pull up the location schematics so you can anticipate every shooter.

24. If you find yourself in a gunfight without a gun or bullets, throw up your fists.

25. And if your best friend is being held by Russians, agree to trade your life for hers.

26. If any of the above fails, just think: What would Jack Bauer do?

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