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This First Look At The “Entourage” Movie Brings The Whole Gang, Including Lloyd, Back Together

And, of course, Ari is angrier than ever.

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The first teaser trailer for the Entourage movie, appropriately, opens with a wild party.

Warner Bros.

Vince (Adrian Grenier) appears to be a DJ. And there is a lot of violence occurring outside his club.

But he's not like a regular DJ. Because this is actually a trailer for Vince's new movie within the trailer for the new Entourage movie.

Warner Bros.


And Ari (Jeremy Piven) is PISSED about the movie.

Warner Bros.

Hey, Angry Ari! We missed you these last few years!

He's yelling at the whole entourage about it, but E (Kevin Connolly) is the only one who appears to feel bad.

Warner Bros.

Meanwhile, Drama (Kevin Dillon) is making analogies between lying about your budget and sleeping with girls.

Ari is also still so confused why Drama is allowed into meetings.

Warner Bros.

A lot of things from the original HBO series are back, like fancy cars, four-person sidewalk strolls through Hollywood, and parties on boats.

And, of course, girls being really mad at Turtle (Jerry Ferrara).

Ari and his wife Melissa (Perrey Reeves) are working through their problems in therapy. But Ari, per usual, still doesn't seem to be listening to the doctor's advice entirely.

Yeah, your anger management is fine, Ari.

Warner Bros.

But there are also some new elements. Like, Haley Joel Osment pointing a gun at Ari?

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Oh! And Mark Wahlberg, whose personal entourage inspired the series and film, has a role!

Warner Bros.

Watch the full teaser trailer here:

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The Entourage movie will be released on June 5, 2015.