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    There Were Two Stefons On The "SNL" 40th Anniversary Show And The World Almost Exploded

    New York's hottest club on Sunday night was the "Weekend Update" desk.

    Of the many, many guests who have graced "Weekend Update" over the last few decades, Stefon (Bill Hader) is one of the most beloved.

    And fans were thrilled when their trusty New York City tour guide returned to SNL for its 40th anniversary show. There was just one problem: That's NOT Stefon!


    It's Edward Norton trying to impersonate Stefon.

    But quickly, the REAL Stefon (Hader) joined the FAKE Stefon (Norton). And not only was Stefon not upset with Stefon 2.0...

    ...he took the time to teach him the special Stefon pose.

    Then Stefon's husband, Seth Meyers, showed up!

    And they were as bitterly in love as ever!

    Plus, they've started a family since fans last saw the happy couple!

    Stefon + Seth forever!

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