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There Was A Mini (But Fabulous) "One Tree Hill" Reunion Over The Weekend

There many be only one Tree Hill but the gang was all together in Paris.

Sophia Bush (Brooke) posted a photo with her One Tree Hill co-stars Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley) and Hilarie Burton (Peyton) on her Instagram Saturday morning.

It appears the trio is in Paris for an OTH convention hosted by Guest Events called "From Wilmington to Paris 2." A bunch of their old co-stars were there too! Paul Johansson (Dan) and James Lafferty (Nathan) were also in pictures Bush and Lenz posted on Instagram. Antwon Tanner (Skills), Chad Michael Murray (Lucas), James Lafferty (Nathan), Torrey DeVitto (Nanny Carrie), Robert Buckley (Clay), Shantel VanSanten (Quinn), Kate Voegele (Mia), and Stephen Colletti (Chase) are all expected to attend as well.

Peyton, move back to Tree Hill already and work on Grace Street with Brooke and Haley!

Naley snapped an adorable pic!

True love.

And Brooke hung out with the Scotts! But where are Lucas and Keith (Craig Sheffer)?

And even though there have been many pleas from fans for an OTH reunion on screen since the show ended its nine-year run in 2012 — and many dismissals from the cast — one can still dream.

Come back OTH!