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    39 Times "Parenthood" Made You Cry So Hard It Hurt


    1. That time, in the very first episode, when Adam (Peter Kruase) confided in his father, Zeek (Craig T. Nelson).

    2. And when Drew (Miles Heizer) ran away because he needed his father, Seth (John Corbett). But Seth wouldn't let him stay, so Drew's mother, Sarah (Lauren Graham), had to be both his mom and his dad.

    He cried in the rain in a gas station. POOR DREW.

    3. When Amber (Mae Whitman) ran away because she slept with Haddie's (Sarah Ramos) boyfriend and everyone was mad at her.

    But Haddie went looking for her and they made up in the rain because even the gods above were crying over this beautiful moment of forgiveness.

    By the way, said boyfriend Steve (Asher Monroe) did not get enough shit for this whole storyline.

    4. That time Max (Max Burkholder) found out he had Asperger's in the worst way possible.

    No, Crosby (Dax Shepard), you don't sleep with your autistic nephew's behavioral aide (Minka Kelly), causing her to quit her job, your fiancée (Joy Bryant) to leave you, you to get into a fight with your brother, and have said nephew overhear huge news at a terrible time.

    5. Or when Amber was drinking and driving with a friend and got in a terrible car accident.

    Amber's face = all of our faces.

    6. The unbelievably painful moment when Julia (Erika Christensen) realized Zoe (Rosa Salazar) wanted to keep the baby she was meant to adopt.

    No words...

    7. And when the child she eventually did adopt, Victor (Xolo Maridueña), wasn't warming up to Julia, and Crosby was so sweet to her.

    These two did not have enough storylines together, which is another reason to cry, TBH.

    8. And then there was the time Julia sat in her car outside Victor's school the entire day to show him she'll always be there for him.

    <3 <3 <3 Julia.

    9. Oh, and when Haddie left for college and couldn't get through security.

    Everyone needed a Braverman hug after this.

    10. This truly heartbreaking scene when Kristina (Monica Potter) tells Adam in a parking lot that her doctor found a tumor in her breast.

    And Iron & Wine is playing so you can't hear what Kristina and Adam are saying — you can only see the devastating expressions on their faces. And Max is playing with the puppy they soon buy. (Thank goodness for Otis.)

    11. And then when Kristina told the whole Braverman clan at a pizza parlor that she had cancer after Haddie came home unexpectedly from college because she just needed to hug her mom.

    And you can't even see their upset faces because you're crying so hard that you can't see anything.

    12. When it was the morning Kristina started chemotherapy and though her own mom didn't show up, her mother-in-law, Camille (Bonnie Bedelia), did.

    We love you too, Krissy!

    13. And the weekend Kristina got so, so sick from her chemo treatment and it was unbearable to watch her suffer like that.

    But her wonderful, wonderful Adam got her some marijuana to help with the nausea.

    14. Then, there was the time Max asked Kristina to show him how to slow dance.

    And you clutched your pillow fearing that this might be the only dance the two would share.

    15. The video...

    You didn't know you were capable of crying as hard as you did when you saw this.

    16. Then there was the night Kristina went drinking with her sisters-in-law and made the courageous decision to shave her head.

    The fact that Monica Potter didn't get an Emmy from this scene alone also makes me cry.

    17. And when we got a break from the gut-wrenching Kristina storyline, only to watch Drew break down after trying to bottle up all of his emotions over his girlfriend Amy (Skyler Day) getting an abortion.

    18. So, thank goodness for the happy tears that flowed when Drew got into Berkeley.

    It was just the best news ever for a kid who had been through so much.

    19. And the even happier tears when Victor had his legal adoption ceremony.

    The Grahams had come so far and worked so hard to stick together.

    20. And the HAPPIEST TEARS when Kristina's doctor said the words we'd all been waiting to hear:


    21. Of course, there was the time Amber's boyfriend Ryan (Matt Lauria) re-enlisted without talking to her and they broke up.


    22. And then Amber had to say good-bye to Ryan because, even though she was so mad at him, she loved him so much.

    Blubbering over here.

    23. When Julia begged Joel (Sam Jaeger) not to move out.

    Fluctuating between crying and throwing the remote at the television.

    24. And when Joel and Julia told their kids the news.

    And you just couldn't believe that, after ALL this family had been through, they were splitting up.

    25. The time Max told his parents that his classmates peed in his canteen during a class field trip.

    Never cried harder in any moment in this series than in this moment.

    26. And when Kristina went to see Gwen (Rose Abdoo) on her deathbed.

    Gwennnnnnnnnnnn :(

    27. And when she then experienced serious survivor's guilt.

    And your heart hurt.

    28. But thankfully, there were more Kristina happy-tears when Haddie came out to her mom and Kristina was completely supportive.

    May every coming-out talk go exactly like this one.

    29. Oh, and the time Adam got Max, after so much resistance, to attend the school his mom worked really hard to build for him.


    30. Then there was the time Amber told Zeek he was going to be a great-grandfather.

    And it was really bittersweet because Zeek's health was already failing and you just wanted him to meet that baby! Correction: Needed him to meet that baby!

    31. And when Joel showed up at Julia's door and said he wanted her, and his family, back.


    32. When Zeek had his four children over to tell them he wasn't going to have heart surgery, but they were all fighting, so he went to lie down and Sarah followed him and they had a beautiful talk.

    Where are the tissues?

    33. And then when Sarah asked Hank if they could move their wedding up so that Zeek's dream of walking her down the aisle could come true.

    34. And, of course, the moment Zeek got to hold his great-grandson!

    Because the only thing better than knowing there are three amazing generations of Bravermans in the world, is the start of a fourth.

    35. And when Zeek and Sarah sat on the porch just before her wedding and he asked this question of his daughter.

    Crying, crying, crying.

    36. When Camille found Zeek's lifeless body.

    Sobbing, sobbing, sobbing.

    37. And when the family scattered Zeek's ashes on the baseball field.

    Just as he had wished.

    Someone hold my hand please.

    38. And then played a game in his honor.

    And you were cheering and crying and feeling every single emotion.

    39. And, of course, the moment the clan picked up their gear and headed off the field, because you knew you'd never see the Bravermans again.

    Team Braverman <3