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The Stars Of "Orange Is The New Black" Give Their Characters Advice

Chin up, Poussey!

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Jackie Cruz (Flaca)


What's going on with her character: In Season 3, viewers learn why Flaca is in Litchfield — for selling fake LSD that lead one of her classmates to jump off their high school's roof — and she is alienated from her prison family when she leaves the kitchen for a new ~special~ job: making lacy underwear. The irony, of course, is that Flaca began selling the placebos so she wouldn't have to work with her mom as a seamstress. At the end of Season 3, after Flaca is fired from Piper's (Taylor Schilling) dirty panty business, she begs for her job back, telling her that her mother has become very sick and needs money for her care. In the final scene, where all the inmates escape through a fence and go swimming in the lake on the other side, Gloria (Selenis Levya) puts her arm around Flaca, before Maria (Jessica Pimentel) and Maritza (Diane Guerrero) splash them.

Cruz's advice for Flaca in Season 4?: "Keep your head up. Just keep your head up. You'll get out soon."

Samira Wiley (Poussey)


What's going on with her character: Poussey seemed to find a new group of friends in Season 3, by way of the Norma (Annie Golden) cult. But Leanne (Emma Myles) takes the group's mission statement too far, forcing Soso (Kimiko Glenn) out and eventually threatening her. After Poussey finds Soso on the library floor, unconscious from an overdose, she leaves the cult behind and comes to Soso's rescue, physically and emotionally. On top of that, Poussey stands up to Norma for allowing things to stray so far from the true purpose of her healing.

Her advice for next season: "Chin up. Look on the bright side."

Yael Stone (Morello)


What's going on with her character: After Nicky is sent to the maximum security prison, Morello is a lonely mess. She begins connecting with men who write to women in prison, and one of them really takes to her. After a few in-person meetings, they impulsively get married in Litchfield.

Her advice for next season: "Stick with it, girl. Just stick with it. She's on a journey."

Lea DeLaria (Big Boo)


What's going on with her character: While viewers learned a lot about Big Boo's heartbreaking backstory — with her parents never accepting her for being gay — the audience also learned a lot about her strength and compassion as she formed a wonderful bond with Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning). After Officer Coates (James McMenamin) rapes Doggett, Big Boo forces her to accept what has happened and helps her get revenge — first in the form of drugging him and attempting to sodomize him with a broom stick and then working with her to fake a seizure while driving so she doesn't have to drive the van with him anymore. The inmates made each other better throughout Season 3, and are most likely going to hell together with their pockets full of candy, and floss for Big Boo.

Her advice for next season: "Eat less sugar."


Selenis Levya (Gloria)


What's going on with her character: Gloria really had no idea what she was getting herself into when she first asked Sophia (Laverne Cox) if her wife could drive her son to Litchfield. As Sophie's son starts getting into trouble, she places the blame on Gloria's son. And Gloria isn't having it. She ends up spreading nasty rumors about Sophia, which result in Sophia being assaulted. At the end of the season, after Sophia is put in SHU, Gloria begins to feel guilty about everything that has transpired.

Her advice for next season: "Watch that temper."

Laverne Cox (Sophia)


What's going on with her character: After Sophia is assaulted by inmates for being transgender, she goes to Caputo (Nick Sandow) for protection, saying she'll speak out about the way she's been treated if she doesn't get it. But instead of getting help, the new prison managers decide to put her in SHU. And the last time viewers see her is in the penultimate episode when she's thrown into a tiny cell, battered and crying.

Her advice for next season: "Learn to keep your mouth shut. And learn to apologize. It could change your life."

Kate Mulgrew (Red)


What's going on with her character: Red forms a relationship with Healy (Michael Harney) in Season 3, largely because she wants to take advantage of him to get her back in the kitchen. Red does get back in the kitchen with Healy's help, but when he realizes she's manipulated him, he gets upset. At the end of the season, however, Red cooks a special dinner for a select group of inmates and brings a piece of cake from the party to Healy, leaving it on his desk. A white flag made of flower, if you will.

Her advice for next season: "Tread lightly. I've opened myself up and now I have to quickly patch it closed. Quickly stitch. It's only basted."

Diane Guerrero (Maritza)


What's going on with her character: Viewers don't learn much about Maritza this season. She keeps her head down in the kitchen most of the time. However, in the series finale, after Doggett is removed from driving duty, Maritza takes her place. And Big Boo, Doggett, and the audience watch in horror as rapist Coates shakes her hand.

Advice for next season: "Be more vocal and more present and stick your ground a little more. Be more of a leader, not so much of a follower. Make a difference."

Orange Is the New Black Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.