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    Jan 30, 2015

    The "Friday Night Lights" Cameo In The "Parenthood" Series Finale Filled Our Hearts


    Over its six-season run, Parenthood has welcomed many former Friday Night Lights actors as guest stars, thanks, in large part, to Jason Katims, who was an executive producer on both shows.

    For example, Michael B. Jordan, who played Vince Howard on FNL, was Haddie's (Sarah Ramos) boyfriend, Alex, in Season 2. And Minka Kelly, who played Lyla Garrity on FNL, was Max's (Max Burkholder) behavioral aid, Gaby, until she slept with Max's Uncle Crosby (Dax Shepherd) and quit her job.

    But perhaps the best FNL/Parenthood crossover came courtesy of the series finale. Let's go deep, shall we? WARNING: Stop reading now if you do not want to be spoiled!

    Matt Lauria, who played Luke Cafferty on FNL, had been playing Amber's (Mae Whitman) love interest Ryan since Season 4.


    As the seasons went on, he became her fiancé, and then the father of her son Zeek. But the two eventually separated.

    It's also no secret that Whitman is a HUGE fan of FNL in real life.

    When showrunner Jason Katims was writing Amber's flash-forward sequence for the series finale, he knew he had to find a great husband for her. So, he looked no further than the top of the call sheet from FNL to cast Scott Porter, who played Jason Street.

    And while just seeing Porter in Amber's future in her flash-forward was exciting enough, FNL fans got an extra treat when Lauria's Ryan walked into the house and shook Porter's hand, creating the most amazing FNL and East Dillion/West Dillion reunion OF ALL TIME!


    May Amber and Street live happily ever after, with their three children!

    Yep. Amber's future husband is Scott Porter. Sadly we had to cut their "meet cute" for time. #parenthood

    Sarah Watson@SarahWatson42Follow

    Yep. Amber's future husband is Scott Porter. Sadly we had to cut their "meet cute" for time. #parenthood

    1:58 AM - 30 Jan 15ReplyRetweetFavorite

    Oh, and sorry, Lyla!

    All the men of Dillion love Amber.

    Spoiler Alert: I can't be stopped “@mondles: @maebirdwing goals ”

    mae margaret whitman@maebirdwingFollow

    Spoiler Alert: I can't be stopped

    “@mondles: @maebirdwing goals ”

    4:40 PM - 30 Jan 15ReplyRetweetFavorite

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