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There's A Huge Revelation In The First Few Minutes Of "House Of Cards" Season 3

And you thought throwing Zoe (Kate Mara) in front of a train was a crazy twist. WARNING: SPOILERS FROM SEASON 3, EPISODE 1 AHEAD.

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When House of Cards Season 3 begins, it looks as if Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is going to visit the grave of his late adviser, Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly).

Doug was smacked over the head, HARD, by Rachel (Rachel Brosnahan) at the end of Season 2, and abandoned in the woods.

But it turns out, the grave belongs to Frank's father. And it's not exactly a sad moment.

And then, we get the real surprise of the episode, and perhaps even the season: DOUG IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently, some unidentified person found Doug lying in the woods.


He was rushed to the hospital.


His condition seemed dire.


But he did wake up! And to an encouraging note from the president and first lady!

Later, he returned home and, other than his limp, he was in great health.


So what was up with the wood plank on his arm? Well...

...The things Doug will do for the president.

After his visit to the Oval Office, Doug does go to the hospital to get his arm bandaged properly. And, despite being sober for over a decade, he takes a pain pill.

It seems Doug is once again in another dangerous situation.

Yes, that's a bottle of alcohol. And yes, that's a syringe full of alcohol that a hooker is shooting into Doug's mouth.

House of Cards Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.