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See How Saul Met Mike In A New "Better Call Saul" Clip

A newly released scene from the Breaking Bad spin-off features everyone's favorite private investigator.

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AMC has released a new scene form Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spin-off, and it gives some insight into Saul (Bob Odenkirk) and Mike's (Jonathan Banks) relationship.


In the clip, Saul's trying to park. But, shockingly, he's rude to the attendant. And that attendant is Mike, who, shockingly, is grumpy.


The lawyer in Saul starts to come out.

Because Saul is a very busy man.

Saul, per usual, does something stupid. And Mike, per usual, can't handle his stupidity.

Saul tries to stick it to the man and abandon his car at the parking lot gate.

He even throws some *clever* comebacks.


But the Mike we all know and love shows up and shuts Saul the fuck down.


Watch the full teaser here:

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Better Call Saul premieres on Sunday, Feb. 8, on AMC.

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