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17 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Jane The Virgin"

This isn't just another telenovela. It's way better!

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1. For starters, the main character, Jane, is a virgin. But she was accidentally inseminated by her OB-GYN, so now she's a pregnant virgin.

Also, she's a teacher at a Catholic school, and the nuns at the school have created a website sharing her story/framing her to be "immaculata."

2. Jane is played by the fabulous Gina Rodriguez, who is so fabulous she won a Golden Globe for her portrayal after only nine episodes of the show had aired!

Nine episodes! It took Rodriguez less than half a season to convince the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that her show is a true gem.

3. Even though Jane's pregnant, she's going to keep the promise she made to her grandmother when she was a little girl and save herself until she's married. And post-baby.

If Jane's strength and resistance to peer pressure isn't a strong role model for young women — hell, anyone, really — I don't know what is!


8. Like any excellent telenovela, there is a love triangle with Jane's fiancé and the father of her unborn child.

She also had a passionate make-out session with her unborn child's father five years before she got pregnant. JANE'S LIFE IS SO COMPLICATED, YET SHE ALWAYS MANAGES TO HAVE PERFECT CURLS IN HER HAIR. THIS GIRL…


Watch Jane the Virgin's midseason premiere on Monday, Jan. 19, at 9 p.m. on The CW to see if Abuela survived the fall.