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    Posted on Jan 30, 2015

    "Parenthood" Actors Give Advice To Their Characters

    May god bless them and keep them always.

    The Parenthood series finale offered a brief glimpse into what was to come for the extended Braverman family.


    As the show's stars say their good-byes, BuzzFeed News asked the actors what words of wisdom they'd have for the characters they've played for six seasons. Here's what they said in their emailed responses.

    1. Erika Christensen (Julia Braverman)

    Byron Cohen / NBC

    "My advice for Julia going forward would be to enjoy her life with everything she's come to learn so far. Be true to herself and to her family. Trust them."

    2. Mae Whitman (Amber Holt)

    Colleen Hayes / NBC

    "I would tell Amber to keep following her heart. She's made a lot of mistakes, but they have all been honest mistakes that have brought her to the amazingly beautiful place she's in now. I can almost see her well-lived life out in front of her, and I feel so honored to have participated in creating that. She'll always be a huge part of my life."

    3. Monica Potter (Kristina Braverman)

    Ben Cohen / NBC

    "I would tell Kristina to go have some real fun. Eat chocolate in the bathtub, watch bad TV in her robe all day, make out with Adam with wild abandon and get a new wardrobe. She deserves it."

    4. Ray Romano (Hank Rizzoli)

    Colleen Hayes / NBC

    "Update the glasses, shave once in a while, and let your new wife dress you. And remember, you found love because you let someone in. Do that more."

    5. Dax Shepherd (Crosby Braverman)

    Colleen Hayes / NBC

    "My best advice for Crosby would be to research Human Growth Hormone and to find out if he is a good candidate. He is knocking on 40's back door, and if he has any shot at staying under 10% body fat, while also maintaining that youthful collagen, he's gonna have to take some preventative measures."

    6. Joy Bryant (Jasmine Trussell)

    Colleen Hayes / NBC

    "Make time to follow your own dreams."

    7. Miles Heizer (Drew Holt)

    Colleen Hayes / NBC

    "I would tell Drew to let go of the pressure he applies to himself and go after what he really wants!"

    8. Max Burkholder (Max Braverman)

    Ben Cohen / NBC

    "The advice I would give Max Braverman for his future is to not let others set limitations for him. Despite tremendous obstacles in his way, he managed to secure a possible future for himself in photography. If he managed to achieve that, then there is very little that he will be unable to achieve."

    9. Tyree Brown (Jabbar Trussell-Braverman)


    "Always keep a smile on your face, even when things get hard. And be a great big brother to your younger sister (and all other siblings that may come into your life!)"

    10. Xolo Maridueña (Victor Graham)


    "Be a good big brother. You've taken care of yourself for a long time, now it's time to take those skills and use them to protect and guide your little siblings. Show them to be as strong and resilient as you are!"

    11. Savannah Paige Rae (Sydney Graham)


    "I would tell Sydney to continue to be righteous, be strong ... and may she stay forever young."

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