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16 Reasons Why Thanksgiving At Haley And Nathan Scott's Home Is The Best

Everyone's favorite One Tree Hill couple throws the nicest holiday dinners.

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1. For starters, Haley's (Bethany Joy Lenz) table is perfect.

2. And she makes a ton of delicious food.

3. If you burn your meal, you can show up at Naley's door.

Like when poor Brooke (Sophia Bush) tried really hard to make a nice meal for her fiancé, Julian (Austin Nichols), and his mom, Sylvia (Sharon Lawrence).

4. Or if you've just gotten out of prison and have nowhere to go.

Like Victoria (Daphne Zuniga).

5. Naley also welcomes friends who order a turkey that is *too* fresh.

Skills (Antwon Tanner) wasn't really going to kill that turkey in front of Millicent (Lisa Goldstein Kirsch) and Marvin (Lee Norris), was he?

(Even frenemies.)

OF COURSE Mia (Kate Voegele) and Alex (Jana Kramer) would show up at the same time.

6. And the home is a wonderful place for reunions.

Isn't that the whole point of the holiday anyway?

7. They're basically just the perfect hosts.

That turkey is golden brown and not covered in fire extinguisher debris.

8. Because they'll let anyone through their front door.

Millicent, hide the carving knives!

9. They also have TONS of fun games.

10. And Haley knows how to help everyone.

11. There's football!

What Thanksgiving would be complete without a game? Also, Nathan (James Lafferty) and Jamie (Jackson Brundage) are adorable as opposing captains.

12. They understand the importance and amazingness that is Thanksgiving dinner leftovers.

Infinite Tupperware in those cabinets, I tell you.

13. And they have really sweet customs.

14. And even when certain guests get upset and try to do the opposite of the game...

Classy, B. Davis.

Haley always knows what to say.

15. And she gives everyone a lot to think about.

Tutor girl teaching lessons all day, every day.

16. Thanksgiving at the Naleys' is AWESOME.

And definitely better than drinking alone at Tric.

Poor Chase (Stephen Colletti).

The best things at three price points