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Morello's Backstory On "Orange Is The New Black" Will Break Your Heart

Everyone's favorite red-lipped inmate has an insane past. Literally. (SPOILERS for Season 2!)

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But when she's at the mailbox picking up another set of packages, she meets Christopher.

Wait, doesn't he sort of look like the picture of sweater guy in her bedroom? He too is wearing a slim sweater! This seems like an ideal meet-cute between the two of them, dropped packages and all.


So in the final flashback, you find out Morello and Christopher have gone on one date and she has stalked him ever since.


She followed him, even after he changed his number and address. She also jeopardized his life and that of his fiancée. Though she's appearing in court because Christopher has applied for a restraining order against her, Morello doesn't understand and just thinks Christopher is being "dramatic." It is unclear if her credit card fraud is known.