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Alicia And Kalinda Haven't Shared A Scene In 30 Episodes

The two characters on CBS' The Good Wife — once inseparable — haven't appeared together in a season and a half. Kalicia 'shippers, this is a crisis!

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So what does this mean? Multiple requests for comment from showrunners Robert and Michelle King about the matter went unanswered.

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In a 2013 interview, when asked about whether the duo could repair their fractured relationship, Robert King said, "When you're playing with a full deck of cards with a lot of characters you'll find that there is a potent mixture that you can create that you didn't expect. We can only say to the fans that we don't close any door at all."

So it's still possible that Alicia and Kalinda might actually appear in a scene together in Season 6, which begins Sept. 21. But that was over a year ago and the two haven't been on screen in that time. Ultimately, we're not holding our collective breaths, given that for the past 30 episodes, these two formerly inseparable women can't seem to wander into the same frame.

This post previously stated that Season 4, Episode 11 was set in Wisconsin when it was actually set in Minnesota, as a Twitter user pointed out. It's since been corrected and we apologize for the Midwest mix-up!