The Final Season Of "Parenthood" Will Tackle The "Circle Of Life"

    Jason Katims, the show's creator, told BuzzFeed he knows how he wants to end the drama, which was renewed — after much drama — for a final 13-episode season. Tissues required!

    We can all breathe a sigh of of relief now that we know Parenthood is coming back for a sixth and final season. But with the show wrapping up its run, Season 6's final 13 episodes are expected to tie up the storylines affecting the various members of Berkeley's sprawling Braverman clan.

    Parenthood has sent its viewers on the best kind of emotional roller coaster over the course of its last five seasons. From the diagnosis of a child on the autism spectrum and the breakdown of a marriage to a fierce battle with breast cancer, the show has never shied away from depicting difficult struggles, the sort that real people go through in their everyday lives. In fact, Parenthood has garnered the reputation of being the show that makes fans cry — either happy tears or sad ones — week after week, because the show remains so relatable and universal.

    So what's left? Creator Jason Katims (who was also behind Friday Night Lights) spoke with BuzzFeed on Thursday, before the news of the show's renewal for a final season of 13 episodes came in, and revealed a piece of his vision for Parenthood's final season, one that connected to how he wrapped up the five-season run of FNL, which offered a new beginning for Eric (Kyle Chandler) and Tami (Connie Britton) as much as it did an ending.

    "On Friday Night Lights, I always had the idea that the show would end with Coach and Tami driving out of Dillion and he was on his way to his next job. I always thought that would be the final image of the show. It turns out it wasn't, but it was them leaving," Katims said. "I think, in my mind, I have the version of Coach and Tami driving away [for Parenthood], which will be different when it gets to there but I have sort of an idea of where I want it to get to."

    And grieving would potentially be a part of that, said Katims. Perhaps the loss of the Braverman matriarch or patriarch? When asked about the possibility of Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) or Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) dying, Katims skipped over the comment and continued his thought.

    "On Friday Night Lights, the reason that I felt like it'd be them driving away is because it felt like this is a story of a football coach and you make this a home for a certain amount of years and you wind up going somewhere else and make it a home. That's what that show was about for me and why I had that feeling."

    "And to me, Parenthood is about, in a way, the cycle of life," he continued. "You see these little kids become bigger kids and this season, you saw a shift in the patriarch going from Zeek to Adam [Peter Krause]. I think I would want the end to be about sort of that kind of change, that idea that something is passing and something is starting, something is beginning."

    In other words, there will be tears.