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Do You Think This Is Vee In The "OITNB" Season 3 Trailer?


Orange Is the New Black ended its second season with notoriously nasty Litchfield inmate Vee (Lorraine Toussaint) lifeless on the side of the road with her eyes open and glazed over.


The bully successfully escaped the prison, only to be spotted by Miss Rosa (Barbara Rosenblat), who was also escaping Litchfield in the prison's van and intentionally hit her.

But since Season 2 was released, there have been rumors that Vee wasn't necessarily dead.

JoJo Whilden/Netflix

A few days after Orange Season 2 was released in June 2014, Toussaint told BuzzFeed News she didn't know her character's fate. "We're not sure if Vee is dead," the actor said. "She could be dead, she could not be dead. That's an open-ended question still. Isn't that a scary proposition? She might need to be dead. I don't know."

And in October 2014, TMZ reported that Toussaint was on set of Orange filming scenes for Season 3. However, at the time, Netflix told BuzzFeed News the villain wouldn't be in Season 3.

On Thursday, Netflix released the Orange is the New Black trailer. And a lot of people noticed something suspicious in the background of a quick scene...

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In a moment that introduces viewers to new inmate Stella (Ruby Rose), there's someone in the background sitting at a table in the kitchen who looks a bit familiar.


And fans are convinced the bitch is back.

*Is excited for new season of OITNB* *Sees Vee in the background of this gif* *cries* No. Please not again. *cries*

🚨 OITNB Season 3 Trailer 🚨: (wait is that Vee in the background?!?)


STOP EVERYTHING. That is definitely Vee in the background of one of the scenes in the season 3 trailer. 😳 #ShesAlive #OITNB

Has anyone else noticed it looks A LOT like Vee in the background????😒😒😒 #OITNB

The more I look at this the more unsure I become, I paused it and I thought it was VEE in the background... @OITNB

ya ok but why is vee in the oitnb trailer

As I tore my eyes away from Ruby, I thought that was Vee in the background at first. #OITNBseason3 #IsSheDeadOrAlive

#OITNB Season 3 trailer 👏🏾 I think I saw Vee in there.

1. Date me 2. Why is vee alive iN THE BACKROUND

On Friday, Netflix told BuzzFeed News Toussaint will not appear in Season 3.

  1. Do you think that's Vee?

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Do you think that's Vee?
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    No way. She was D-E-A-D dead!

We'll have to wait until Orange Is the New Black Season 3 is released on June 12 on Netflix to see!

A rep for Toussaint told BuzzFeed News she will not appear in OITNB Season 3.

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