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It's Now All But Confirmed That "How I Met Your Mother" Will End The Way You Feared

WARNING: Major spoilers (and tears) ahead!

For quite some time, there has been a popular How I Met Your Mother theory among fans that the Mother dies before 2030, and Ted has been telling his children these stories to help them remember her.

And after the March 3 episode, that theory was all but confirmed, and even those who assumed the worst were devastated.

Seriously though, what a sad episode. I've been thinking it would end like this the last 2 seasons but I didn't want to be right #HIMYM

#HIMYM is gonna break my heart. I always knew it.

The outcome was first foreshadowed in Season 8, Episode 20, when Ted showed up at the Mother's door, explaining how they're going to meet in 45 days, fall in love, get married, and have children.

Then, in Season 9, Episode 19, which aired March 3, Ted and the Mother are at the Farhampton Inn, the setting of all their memories. It's 2024, 10 years after they first met, and they realize they've told each other all of their stories.

The Mother begins to drop little hints about Ted's future and well-being.

And halfway through the episode, we realize there's nothing left for Ted to say.

Ted tells the Mother how much it pained him when the friends realized Barney and Robin's wedding would be the last time they're all together. But then, he's overwhelmed by an even more painful thought: that he and the Mother might soon have their last moment together.

The story ends with Robin’s mom (Tracey Ullman!) surprisingly showing up just hours before her wedding. And it becomes clear that the Mother probably won’t be at Penny’s wedding.

The two of them take a moment, as tears fill up in their eyes.

Now, with just four episodes in the series left, fans are feeling fearful, confused, frustrated, and really, really sad.

It doesn't have to be this #HIMYM please don't kill anyone.... Not the mother at least... Let Ted be happy for once...

I've never felt so heartbroken over a COMEDY series! #HIMYM #letmebewrong

I think #himym just told us the mom was dying, idk how to feel about this...


My favorite TV show will have the saddest ending this can't be real. #HIMYM

Grab a yellow umbrella to hide from all the tears pouring down.

How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS.