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"Grey's Anatomy" Just Pieced Together A Nearly Decade-Long Storyline

Has this seriously been coming since Season 3?! WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Oct. 16 episode, "Only Mama Knows."

Remember the infamous Season 3 flashback when little Meredith (Claire Geare) goes round and round on the carousel and partially overhears her mother, Ellis (Kate Burton) and Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) arguing?

Well, after all these years (eight seasons, to be precise), Richard finally gave Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) — and viewers — some context to what happened that day.

But Richard didn't know all the news Ellis had recently received. Because, in the Season 11 episode, it was revealed that Ellis also knew that night she was pregnant with his baby.

And so, in that Season 3 scene when Ellis asks Meredith how she will move forward without Richard (which aired again in Season 11 to remind fans), which daughter is she talking about?!

Meredith or Maggie (Kelly McCreary)?!

Oh, Grey's. You've done it again.