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    "Grey's Anatomy" Just Aired One Of The Most Emotional Episodes Ever


    After 11 seasons and multiple tragic deaths, Grey's Anatomy killed off its biggest character yet.


    RIP Derek Shepherd

    And even though some fans were spoiled before the episode aired, nothing could prepare us for the secondhand pain we felt as Meredith first looked at her brain-dead husband:


    And when she sat by his bed as he was unplugged:


    And then when she had the nurse stop pulling plugs so she could try to wake him up:


    While "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol played in the background.

    And then when the screen cut to a flashback montage playing all of Mer and Der's most memorable moments, ending with the first time Meredith said bye to Derek:


    And then when we came back to the present and Meredith said bye to Derek for the last time:


    Fans were experiencing a wide range of emotions watching one of the show's central characters meet his end...

    Some were in denial.

    ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME, @shondarhimes !? - All Greys' fans #GreysAnatomy

    Is this really happening?!?!? 😭😭😭😭 #GreysAnatomy

    Is this REALLY how #McDreamy goes out? #GreysAnatomy

    I refuse to believe that just happened #GreysAnatomy 😭💔

    Others were mad these non–Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital doctors screwed up.

    Can I sue a fictional hospital for wrongful death? #GreysAnatomy

    I would've been tearing that hospital apart, calling every powerful lawyer I can think of #GreysAnatomy

    Plenty were furious at Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes.

    Dear Shonda Rhimes... #GreysAnatomy

    SHONDA LYNN RHIMES. NO. AND NO. And how about NO. @shondarhimes #GreysAnatomy

    I can't believe @shondarhimes would do this to us. #GreysAnatomy - that was NOT right.

    Currently balling my eyes out....I can't believe you @shondarhimes #GreysAnatomy

    So many feelings. I can't @shondarhimes -- I'm over your emotional shenanigans. Why u gotta be like that, girl? #GreysAnatomy #McDreamy

    No ma'am @shondarhimes. You need to sit in a corner & think about what you just did. #tgit #GreysAnatomy

    But generally, viewers were really sad.

    The saddest day in TV history has just happened....... #GreysAnatomy

    Like, people literally couldn't stop crying.

    Literally can't stop crying #GreysAnatomy

    Can't stop crying. Omg. I can't even #GreysAnatomy

    I legit can't stop crying. #GreysAnatomy

    never cried so hard in my life #GreysAnatomy

    I'm literally just sitting here sobbing please no #GreysAnatomy

    The ugly cry came out in full force.

    Oh god, of course. Enter the ugly cry. #ChasingCars #GreysAnatomy

    I am ugly crying, I am ugly Kim Kardashian crying face crying right now. I am mess. My heart is broken. I can not handle this. #GreysAnatomy

    Hearts were breaking everywhere.

    My heart was just broken #GreysAnatomy 😭😭😭😭😭

    I think I can actually feel my heart breaking... #GreysAnatomy

    Just totally crushed.

    My heart was attached to that man and his story and they just ripped it apart and stomped on it! #GreysAnatomy

    Some fans vowed they would never watch the show again.

    I may have to move out of Shondaland. I love it but my heart can't take it. #GreysAnatomy #RIPDerek

    I AM DONE. Ten years of watching this show and they ruined it in 60 minutes. #GreysAnatomy

    I quit this show I quit @shondarhimes you done f%*ked with too many of my emotions. #GreysAnatomy

    Because what is fake Seattle without Derek Shepherd?

    Looks like I won't be watching #GreysAnatomy after this season. They're killing off all the my favorite people. 💔💔💔💔💔

    Officially done with #GreysAnatomy after 10 plus years I AM DONE. Didn't do his character an ounce of justice.

    It was a good 11 years together, McDreamy.

    my life is over thanks alot #GreysAnatomy

    Grey's Anatomy airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/7 CT on ABC.