13 Facts You Never Knew About "Pretty Woman," According To The Cast

    The cast and director of the 1990 classic reunited on Today for the first time since the film wrapped and shared some great details about the making of the beloved rom-com.

    1. Julia Roberts had to audition twice for the lead role of Vivian.

    Roberts first got the part to play Vivian in $3,000, the original title of the film. But then script was sold to Disney, and she lost the part for a few weeks. She had to re-audition for director Garry Marshall.

    2. It took a while to find the perfect Edward.

    Roberts screen-tested with 10 different actors, including Charles Grodin, who were up for the role of the handsome, wealthy businessman.

    3. A Post-it note convinced Richard Gere to sign on to the film.

    4. The original ending of the film was extremely sad.

    The original script for $3,000, was a dark tale about the havoc drugs can reap on a person's life. In that script, the film ended with Edward throwing Vivian and her $3,000 out of his car. Roll credits. Also, Kit died from a drug overdose.

    5. Vivian started out as a much darker character.

    6. The most iconic piece from Vivian's first outfit was found on the street.

    7. Roberts' favorite scene is not what you'd expect.

    8. And Gere's favorite scene is from early on in the film.

    Gere said he loved any scene where Roberts was walking around in her hooker outfit with the mini-skirt and leather boots.

    9. The handkerchief scene was improvised.

    10. Roberts was pranked while filming the bathtub scene.

    When Roberts went underwater in the bathtub scene, the whole cast and crew cleared the set as a joke. When she emerged, she was by herself.

    11. One more take of the bathtub scene, and Vivian may have been a blonde.

    Roberts had to do a lot of takes for when she goes under the water, which was filled with a very strong detergent to create the bubbles. By the end of the day, her dyed red hair color had been stripped by the detergent, and she had to do a late-night emergency coloring session to get it back to normal for the next day.

    12. There's a reason there's never been a Pretty Woman 2.

    The cast made a pact that a sequel wouldn't happen unless everyone came back to do it.

    13. One of the film's most memorable moments almost didn't make it into the final cut.

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