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    McSteamy Is Now A Silver Fox And We Are Not Worthy

    McSteamy? More like McSilvery, amirite?

    Remember when Eric Dane starred on ABC's Grey's Anatomy as the very attractive Dr. Mark Sloan?

    And then he died as the result of a plane crash and it was pretty much the worst thing ever?

    Well, Dane appeared at the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday night to present with Shameless star Emmy Rossum. And he looked a tad different.

    People on Twitter were immediately into the actor's look.

    Eric Dane is seriously the definition of a silver fox #hotdamn #SAGAwards

    Eric Dane has become a silver fox. Rawr.

    Really, really into it.

    Eric Dane with a full head of grey hair might actually be one of the sexiest things I've seen in a while. #SAGAwards

    Holy silver fox.... Hellooooo, Eric Dane. #SAGAwards

    Just keep doin' what you're doin', Mr. Dane!