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    Every Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

    The You're Invited series is a whole other ball game.

    14. The Challenge

    13. New York Minute

    12. Getting There

    Release date: June 11, 2002

    Biggest supporting star: Shelley Malil, the 40-Year-Old Virgin actor who was sentenced to life in prison for attempted murder after stabbing his ex-girlfriend 23 times. He plays a Las Vegas Elvis impersonator named Raj who officiates weddings.

    Fashion takeaway: Hats are necessary when you want to drive in a convertible.

    Why it's No. 12: Ten years after their first movie, things really started to take a dive with the Olsen twin films. I am 99% sure this was the first movie of theirs I owned on DVD and that worked out well because fast-forwarding went A LOT faster. Getting There — subtitled Sweet 16 and Licensed to Drive — followed Kylie (Mary-Kate) and Taylor (Ashley) as they drove with their friends in their new Ford Mustang to Salt Lake City for the 2002 Winter Olympics. By the time this movie came out, I was tired, they were tired, and it just fell flat. —JE

    11. How The West Was Fun

    10. Switching Goals

    Release date: Dec. 12, 1999

    Biggest supporting star: A young Michael Cera!

    Fashion takeaway: Bandana headbands.

    Why it's No. 10: Sam (Mary-Kate) is the tomboy sister, Emma (Ashley) is the girly sister (DUH!) When they're picked for opposite soccer teams — one is terrible and one is coached by their father — they switch places so Emma can get better and Sam doesn't have to worry about their father's tough lessons. But of course, they get caught in the act and they both grow, on the field and in life, from the experience. Though this was a better portrayal of two very opposite twins than New York Minute, besides the whole “switching identities,” we know the twins are capable of — and great at — stirring up some trouble. —EO

    9. When In Rome

    8. Winning London

    Release date: March 27, 2001

    Biggest supporting star: Jesse Spencer plays Lord James Browning Jr., another attractive boy that the sisters admire fondly.

    Fashion takeaway: A trench coat completes any outfit.

    Why it's No. 8: Sisters Chloe (Mary-Kate) and Riley (Ashley) head to London to compete in a Model U.N. competition. But when the country they have prepared to discuss is selected by another team, they must scramble to learn everything they can about the United Kingdom (and the boys that live within its borders). The twins are always better together, and virtually shopping around London with these fashion icons didn't suck either. —EO

    7. Our Lips Are Sealed

    6. Passport To Paris

    Release date: Nov. 9, 1999

    Biggest supporting star: Matt Winston is Jeremy, their stiff chaperone.

    Fashion takeaway: Beaded necklaces. Beaded hair strands. Beads. Everywhere.

    Why it's No. 6: Melanie (Mary-Kate) and Allyson (Ashley) go to Paris to visit their grandfather. But he is too busy to spend time with them, so he puts them in the care of his assistant, Jeremy. Soon the sisters begin to live out every teenager's fantasy. They ditch Jeremy, make friends with a fashion model, find two very attractive French boys and spend their afternoons running around Paris. What more does a movie need? —EO

    5. Billboard Dad

    4. To Grandmother's House We Go

    Release date: Dec. 6, 1992

    Biggest supporting star: Rhea Perlman, always one to play a villain, kidnaps the girls for ransom.

    Fashion takeaway: Button-up shirts work at every age, for every occasion.

    Why it's No. 4: After overhearing their mom say how frustrated she was with them, sisters Julie (Ashley) and Sarah (Mary-Kate) decide to head to their grandmother's house to give their single mother a break. But over the river and through the woods they end up taking the wrong bus, hopping on the back of a truck and being kidnapped. In one of their best, and most adorable, roles, nothing can deter these extremely wise beyond their years children. I'd be lying if I said as a child I didn't think about the best ways to reenact this amazingly schemed plan.–EO

    3. Holiday In The Sun

    2. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

    Release date: Oct. 30, 1993

    Biggest supporting star: Cloris Leachman as the evil Aunt Agatha and saintly Aunt Sophia.

    Fashion takeaway: A moonstone goes with everything.

    Why it's No. 2: I mean, Mary-Kate and Ashley's second straight-to-video feature literally has everything, from racist pumpkin carving competitions to two Cloris Leachmans to Full House references to cookies as major clues in a horrifying mystery. Truly, it is the best. The only issue is that the twins — who play Lynn and Kelly Farmer — were still coming into their own and hadn't quite reached their acting prime (or their on-point trending character name choices). Which is why there's only one movie that can beat it... –JE

    1. It Takes Two