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    7 Amazing Wedding Dresses Made Out Of Toilet Paper

    They have everything a girl looks for: elegance, romance and a little charmin. Don't worry, there's a style for all types of brides.

    These photos are from an annual contest host by Cheap Chic Weddings that challenges women to create wedding gowns with just toilet paper, glue and tape.

    1. The White Swan Bride.

    For your Tchaikovsky-themed wedding.

    This dress won the contest.

    2. The Princess Bride.

    She looks Angel Soft.

    This took the second place prize.

    3. The Modern Bride.

    Why pay thousands of dollars for a new designer gown when all you really need is a few dozen rolls of toilet paper?

    This was the third place winner.

    4. The Flapper Bride.

    All your Downton fantasies come true.

    5. The Traditional Bride.

    You can never have too many toilet paper rosettes.

    6. The Southern Bride.

    TP hat included.

    7. The Kimono Bride.

    You never knew your toilet paper was so versatile.