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    51 Reasons We Should All Strive To Be Like Phoebe Buffay

    If you're a girl, go by "Phoebe." If you're a boy, go by "Phoebo."

    1. She's full of wisdom.

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    2. And isn't afraid to ask the important questions.

    3. She gives the best excuses.

    4. Mainly because she's just so honest.

    5. And realistic about life.

    6. She really dreams big.

    7. She has a good heart.

    8. She's so poetic.

    9. And she wrote the best song ever.

    10. As well as wonderful nursery rhymes.

    11. And she tells the truth, even when it's hard.

    12. Really, she's just an excellent entertainer.

    13. She picks her battles wisely.

    14. Because she has her priorities straight.

    15. And is very logical.

    16. She's always prepared.

    17. And her comebacks are on point.

    18. She knows how to explain things in very simple terms.

    19. She doesn't let anyone control her!

    20. She's been through truly terrifying things in her life and she's always able to come out the other side (err, sleeve).

    21. She's someone you don't want to mess with.

    22. And isn't timid about calling people out.

    23. She knows things aren't just skin deep.

    24. She has her own religious beliefs and stands by them.

    25. She knows how to make pretty much anything beautiful.

    26. She's always thinking about the children.

    27. She makes really good arguments.

    28. She knows how to handle sticky situations.

    29. And always has another trick up her sleeve.

    30. She's sometimes a little out of touch, but in the best possible way.

    31. She'll try anything.

    32. She knows how to be fancy.

    33. She finds the good in everything.

    34. She's really serious about her pizza.

    35. Her plane knowledge is impressive.

    36. She has the art of flirting DOWN.

    37. Like, really down.

    38. Because, who could resist?

    39. She can even flirt like a dude.

    40. She's so cultured.

    41. She's great with hypotheticals.

    42. She lets her feelings out.

    43. She always finds a silver lining.

    44. She is on her game at all times, never one to be beaten.

    45. And knows how to get creative when things don't go her way.

    46. She sees through Hollywood's lies.

    47. And will always root for a happy ending.

    48. She has an interesting take on literature, and payback.

    49. She's always comfortable in her own skin, and running shoes.

    50. She has the best explanation for soulmates ever told.

    51. And she becomes a better person every single day.

    Phoebs forever!

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