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27 Times "Grey's Anatomy" Made You Sob Uncontrollably

Let's take a stroll through Seattle Grace Mercy West memory lane. Grab the tissues, this is going to be emotional.

1. That time Addison showed up and crushed Meredith and Derek's bliss.


2. Or when Meredith confronted her father about walking out on her as a child.

3. And then there was the time Denny died an hour after he proposed to Izzie.


Poor girl sat on the bathroom floor in that ball gown for days.

4. And of course, when Meredith confessed her love for Derek.

ABC / Via


5. Then there was that time Cristina had an ectopic pregnancy.

ABC / Via

Let it out, girl, let it out.

6. Oh god... the homemade bomb.


Poor Mer had a feeling something bad was going to happen when she woke up that morning. Should've just stayed in bed.

7. And when George's dad died.

ABC / Via

And Cristina was really nice to him and also shared a secret about her childhood.

8. And, of course, when Burke left Cristina at the altar.

ABC / Via Emily Orley/BuzzFeed

And Mer had to physically cut her out of her dress with scissors.

9. Remember when Thatcher SLAPPED Meredith?

ABC / Via Emily Orley/BuzzFeed

We all loved Susan, but NOT COOL.

10. And that time Mer's mom finally accepted her?

ABC / Via

But it was in heaven and she'd never get to have her mother's approval in real life.

11. Oh, and when Mer drowned.

ABC / Via

For one second, she let go. And for many hours, she was dead. But her friends weren't going to let her stay dead!

12. Remember Alex's girlfriend Ava/Rebecca?

ABC / Via Rachel Zarrell/BuzzFeed

She had some issues she needed to work through.

13. OMG! When George was on the other side of the elevator?!?!?!?!

ABC / Via


14. Remember when Denny was "here for Izzie"?

ABC / Via

Why couldn't he just tell her she was sick from the start so she could get treatment? WHY?!?!?!

15. And that time Derek had a total breakdown in the woods and took it out on Mer?


It was really sad when that pregnant lady died on his table, but Mer already has a hard time with commitment!

16. Remember when Owen had, like, really bad PTSD?

ABC / Via Rachel Zarrell/BuzzFeed

17. And then he tried to distance himself from Cristina because he loved her so much he didn't want to hurt her?

18. Oh yeah, and remember when Derek got shot?

19. And when Alex got shot?

20. And then the gunman tried to kill Cristina as she tried to save Derek?

ABC / Via Emily Orley/BuzzFeed


21. And then, of course, there was the time Arizona crashed her car.

ABC / Via

And Callie and their unborn baby went through the windshield and thus had a ton of medical issues. (And music ensued and the sobbing commenced for another reason.)

22. Then there was the time Henry died.

ABC / Via

Right when he and Teddy were starting their happily ever after life and everything. Ugh :(

23. And then, the plane crash... When Lexie died.

ABC / Via Emily Orley/BuzzFeed

I can't...

24. And Mark?!?!?!

ABC / Via

Shonda, why do you keep doing this to us?

25. Remember when Adele died during Bailey's wedding and Webber didn't want to upset Bailey so he and Mer just cried in the corner?

Emily Orley/BuzzFeed

Just make it stop, please. I can't handle any more.

26. And then there was the time Jackson pulled a little girl from a bus in a storm the second it exploded.

ABC / Via Emily Orley/BuzzFeed

Literally not breathing right now.

27. UGH and remember when Arizona CHEATED on Callie?

ABC / Via


But we always keep coming back for more.

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