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    26 Times You Were A Puddle Of Tears During "The Fault In Our Stars"

    No, we are NOT okay. Okay? WARNING: All of the spoilers ahead.

    1. When Hazel told Gus her "story" (aka her cancer diagnosis).

    2. When Hazel couldn't breathe in the middle of the night.


    3. When Gus couldn't see Hazel in the hospital.

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    4. When Gus was waiting at Hazel's front door with flowers.

    5. When Gus sat with Hazel on the swings and told her that "trying to keep [her] distance from [him] in no way lessens [his] affection for [her]."

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    6. When you realized the significance of "okay."

    7. When Gus told Hazel he gave his wish to her.

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    8. When Gus walked into the hotel room and was so stunned by Hazel's beauty, he couldn't move.

    9. When Gus told Hazel how much he loves her at dinner.

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    10. When Peter Van Houten wouldn't answer a single question from Gus or Hazel.

    11. When Gus and Hazel finally kissed.

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    12. When Gus asked Hazel's mom if they could be alone at breakfast in Amsterdam.

    13. When Gus told Hazel his cancer was back and had spread throughout his entire body.

    14. And Hazel sobbed on his shoulder.

    15. When Hazel's heart stopped every time her phone rang because she was afraid it was a call telling her Gus was dead.

    16. When Hazel's mom told her she'd always be her mother, even after she was gone.

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    17. When Gus held a fake funeral to hear what his friends would say about him in their eulogies.

    18. When Hazel gave her speech about how Gus made her limited days infinite.

    19. When Gus called Hazel from the gas station.

    20. When Hazel couldn't see Gus in the hospital but never left the waiting room.

    21. When Hazel took Gus for a picnic and told him they have a good life.

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    22. When the house phone rang.


    23. When Hazel sobbed in her bed with her parents.

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    24. When Hazel talked about how 9 was her highest pain ever, but losing Gus was a 10.

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    25. When Hazel put a pack of cigarettes on Gus' coffin.

    26. When Hazel read Gus' eulogy for her.

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