25 Photos That Prove Camilla Is The Duchess Of Hats

The Duchess of Cornwall is usually out of the public eye. Probably because she’s hidden behind her big, amazing hats!

1. Camilla has such fantastic taste in hats.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

2. Even the Queen admires her style.

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

3. And like any true fashionista, she knows how to wear and re-wear her hats.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

The Duchess of Cornwall first wore this hat to her stepson William’s wedding to Kate Middleton.

4. She can handle a large brim…

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

5. …Even when she peers over, it stays in place…

Pool / Reuters

6. She displays the most intricate bows.

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

7. Sometimes they’re simple.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

8. Or hidden.

Pool / Reuters

But they’re always lovely.

Pool / Reuters

9. She’s not afraid of bright colors.

Pool / Reuters

10. Or soft pastels.

Jamie Wiseman / Getty Images

Another Royal admiring her hat!

11. She looks very chic in her favorite type of hat: the feathered hat.

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

12. Sometimes she just adds a few feathers.

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

13. Sometimes feathers cover the entire top.

Britain’s Prince Charles, left, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, centre, and Kate Duchess of Cambridge attend a Garden Party hosted by Queen Elizabeth II in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, central London Wednesday May 22, 2013. / AP

14. Actually, a lot of times feathers cover the entire top…

Pool / Reuters

15. But she wears them proudly.

Kirsty Wigglesworth / Getty Images

16. She also loves wearing a bird’s nest.

Michel Porro / Getty Images

17. Or mixing flowers with her favorite style, feathers.

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

18. Or just accentuating a large rose.

Paul Edwards - WPA Pool / Getty Images

19. This is her mullet hat (and we mean that in the best way).

John Stillwell - WPA Pool / Getty Images

Serious on the left, flower power on the right.

20. She knows how to wear weather appropriate hats.

Adrian Sherratt - WPA Pool / Getty Images

21. So she looks nice and warm in the dead of Winter.

Louis Wood - WPA Pool / Getty Images

This photograph was taken on Christmas Day in Sandringham, England. It was surely a tad chilly, to say the least.

22. She adores a good fascinator.

Arthur Edwards - WPA Pool / Getty Images

23. Especially when she can be twinsies with her husband, Prince Charles.

Fred Thornhill / Reuters

24. Or just make a fun statement.

Chris Jackson - WPA Pool / Getty Images

25. And she knows, no matter what you’re wearing, always make sure your hat pattern matches your outfit pattern.

Christinne Muschi / Reuters

A+ in Hat Etiquette 101

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