23 Reasons "The Way We Were" Featured The Best Romance Of All Time

    In honor of the anniversary of the movie's release on Oct. 19, 1973, here's a tribute to the most amazing love story ever told. Except for the ending.

    1. For starters, there's smart, passionate, and beautiful K-K-K-Katie (Barbra Streisand).

    Rockin' the wrap dress since 1937.

    2. And kind, caring, and smoldering Hubbell (Robert Redford).

    I mean, not everyone can look so good in a turtleneck sweater.

    3. Their romance started like any epic love story: on a college campus where they spot each other.*

    *Actually, they kind of bickered — she's a Marxist Jew and he's an apolitical WASP — but it was just their way of flirting. They share a memorable dance before graduation, but life takes them in separate directions, as it always does.

    4. But when their paths crossed a few times over the subsequent years, Hubbell was sweet and gentle with Katie, always looking out for and encouraging her.

    And she was touched by his belief in her, even if he didn't agree with her.

    5. And then one night, a few years down the line, Katie found Hubbell drunk in a bar and took him to her apartment to take care of him. And that was when Hubbell began to fall in love with Katie's quirky side.

    6. She fell just as hard for him, wanting to take care of him and stand by him and love him back.

    He stuck around, mainly because she made the right pie flavor. (KIDDING!)

    7. And they had a lot of ups and downs, but Katie always fought for them.

    So what if their fundamental ideals were polar opposites? So what if she wanted him to be a serious writer and thought he was selling out in Hollywood? So what if her brash political statements embarrassed him and affected his career? Love can conquer all!

    8. Their relationship was work, but it was sooooo worth it.

    I mean, who says things like this?! Only people madly in love, that's who.

    9. She put up with his boring friends.

    10. And he joined her on the tennis court.

    11. They found comfort in each other's arms.

    Life moved forward, and they kept dancing.

    12. And they couldn't look away from each other.

    *I see you across this crowded room.*

    13. Or keep their hands off one another.

    Let's just walk arm-in-arm all day, every day.

    14. They definitely had the spark.

    It's hot, and not just because of the burning fireplace.

    15. And she brushed his hair out of his face!

    Ever so gently, with her ever so long fingernails.

    16. They fought playfully.


    17. And argued intensely.

    They disagreed about pretty much everything. And Katie was very headstrong about her views. But so what?! Hubbell is manly enough to appreciate a girl with convictions.

    18. But at the end of the day, they were best friends.

    And isn't that the most important thing when it comes to a soulmate? Yes, yes it is.

    19. Even after they broke up and years went by, Hubbell knew he was still in love with Katie the moment he saw her.

    20. Katie knew she still loved him back too.

    That damn hair brush again!

    21. But she tried to be the bigger person and invite Hubbell and his "lovely" girl to join her.

    Even though she knew he couldn't. Leave straight hair girl and go with crazy Katie, Hub!

    22. And though it killed both of them to part again, Katie tried to make light of the situation.

    23. Though Katie and Hubbell didn't get to grow old together, their love, and this song, will always live on in our "Memories."

    Katie and Hubbell forever <3.