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21 Times You Wanted To Quit "Grey's Anatomy"

But obviously couldn't.

1. When Addison (Kate Walsh) showed up and destroyed Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek's (Patrick Dempsey) relationship.


And you were like, Well, that was good while it lasted FOR ONE SEASON!

2. And then when Derek picked Addison over Meredith!

ABC / Via

And you were like, I can't watch a show where Derek is with another woman.

3. When Derek had to deliver Bonnie's (Monica Keena) dying words to her fiancé.

ABC / Via

And you were like, Meredith tried so hard to save her from the pole after the train crash and if they just waited a few more minutes to start the surgery she could've said goodbye herself and what is this cruelty?!

4. When Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) died and Izzie (Katherine Heigl) couldn't get off the floor.

ABC / Via

And you were like, What do I have to live for if Denny isn't in this imaginary world?

5. When George (T.R. Knight) was forced into the Dead Dads Club.

And you were like, If Cristina (Sandra Oh) is emotional, how the hell am I expected to deal?

6. When George did the mcnasty with Izzie.

And you were like, But Callie (Sara Ramirez)!

7. What about when Burke (Isaiah Washington) FUCKING LEFT Cristina (Sandra Oh) at the altar.


And you were like, I can't watch this woman cry again!

8. When Owen (Kevin McKidd) wouldn't let himself be with Cristina because he loved her too much.

ABC / Via

And you were like, But you are, Hunt! You are!

9. When Denny came to escort Izzie to her death.

ABC / Via

And you were like, A GHOST?! Are you freakin' kidding me?!

10. When George was on the other side of that damn elevator.


And you were like, I will not watch a world where George O'Malley is dead. I WILL NOT.

11. When Gary Clark (Michael O'Neill) held the hospital hostage and went on a shooting rampage.


And you were like, I'm scared and sad and why am I suffering through this?

12. When Arizona dumped Callie in the airport on their way to Africa.


And you were like, Can't you two just get on the same page, please?!

13. The musical episode.

And you were like, I am so upset, but this time for completely different reasons!

14. When Zola was taken from Meredith.

And you were like, I can't watch this go down. Turning it off right now.

15. When Teddy (Kim Raver) tried to deal with her grief in the exact room in which her husband (Scott Foley) died.

And you were like, No one should have to go through this!

16. When this conversation went down.

And you were like, He did not just say what I think he just said.

17. When Hunt cheated on Cristina.

ABC / Via

And you were like, I now hate one of my favorite characters. What is this hell?



And you were like, OK, SERIOUSLY?!

19. When Lexie and Mark died in the span of, like, three episodes.


And you were like, I physically cannot process any more deaths at Seattle Grace.

20. When Cristina left forever.

And you were like, How can I even go on without the best part?

21. And when Meredith had to unplug Derek.


And you were like, Nope. Everything is the worst. Cannot.

But, just like Karev (Justin Chambers) said, we'll see it through.

ABC / Via

See you in Season 12!

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