21 Reasons Why Saturday Morning Is The Best Night Of The Week

Get up, it’s game day!

1. You don’t need the sun to be up to start the day.

2. Waking up with a drink in your bed is not only acceptable, but mandatory.

3. This kind of outfit is not only acceptable, but respected.

4. And sometimes you don’t even need clothes to participate.

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5. Sidewalk food is just considered breakfast meat. Fuel for the body.

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6. Or there’s always a more traditional breakfast.

7. Maybe just skip food all together and have the breakfast of champions.

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8. Just as long as you have your Solo cup (even if you’re not really sure it’s the one you started with and you think it might have diseases).

9. Because Saturday is a day when anything goes. Like napping.

10. Or random keg stands with strangers.

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11. A day when slip n’ slides are made for adults.

Logan Rhoades / BuzzFeed

12. When playlists are more carefully constructed than your homework (and arguably more important).

13. And pools are pressed into double duty.

14. A day you can temporarily join the marching band.

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15. When your parents become your equals.

16. And little kids too.

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17. You’re reunited with old friends — and make new ones more quickly than you can in just about any other setting.

18. You are amused by people like this, although you try to stay at least ten feet away from them for personal safety.

19. And there’s nothing like watching your favorite team with a hundred thousand of your closest friends.

20. Because Saturday is not just another day of the week; it’s a tradition.


21. And a good tradition never gets old.

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