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    21 Pieces From The Runways You Just Might Find At Your Local Zara

    Wedge sneakers are absolutely everywhere, but what will be next to go from the runway to every single shopping center? This stuff, probably.

    Over the past few seasons, Isabel Marant has been sending these shoes down the runway.

    And celebrities have become obsessed with them.

    So all kinds of knockoffs have appeared in stores over the last six months.

    But what will be knocked off from the fall 2013 runways?

    The latest season of shows just ended in New York, London, Milan, and Paris and a number of pieces seemed destined for your nearest Zara or Shoe Mania. Let's take a closer look.

    1. Leg warmers.

    2. White sneakers.

    3. These Chanel boots.

    4. These Ivan Grundahl sunglasses.

    5. The high-heeled "shoe bootie."

    6. This Stella McCartney half polo/half lace dress.

    7. These Stella McCartney boots.

    8. This Dolce & Gabbana necklace.

    9. Or these Dolce & Gabbana earrings (or tiara).

    10. This Louis Vuitton purse.

    11. These Miu Miu shoes.

    12. This Balenciaga skirt.

    13. This Celine necklace and bracelet.

    14. This Celine dress.

    15. This Burberry top.

    16. This Givenchy sweatshirt.

    17. This Marni backpack.

    18. These Marni gloves.

    19. This Versace bracelet.

    20. And definitely one of the new Proenza Schouler bags.

    21. And please, for the love of LBDs everwhere, someone knockoff these gorgeous Thom Browne tights.