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All The 2015 TV Premiere Dates You Need To Know

The new year is bringing the return and debuts of some really fantastic television!

It's been over a month since our favorite TV shows left us with painstaking cliffhangers (::cough, cough:: The Good Wife and How to Get Away With Murder ::cough, cough::), but the wait is finally over: Starting Jan. 4, TV is officially back!

Though this might also mean we're nearing the end of some of the most beloved series on television (Parenthood and Parks and Recreation), the good news is there's an array of highly anticipated new shows premiering (which are marked with asterisks below), from AMC's Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul, to a (finally!) female-fronted Marvel story Marvel's Agent Carter, plus a few new late shows joining the ranks.

Since many of these new series were announced last May, here are some refreshers on ABC's, CBS's, NBC's, Fox's, and The CW's new shows coming this year.

Below, you'll find a chronological list of new show premiere dates; the return dates for your favorite network, cable, and premium cable scripted shows; the debut dates of some highly anticipated TV movies (like Lifetime's Whitney); and the big awards show air dates.

Happy viewing!

Sunday, Jan. 4

Monday, Jan. 5

Tuesday, Jan. 6

Wednesday, Jan. 7

Thursday, Jan. 8

Friday, Jan. 9

Sunday, Jan. 11

Monday, Jan. 12

Tuesday, Jan. 13

Wednesday, Jan. 14

Friday, Jan. 16

Saturday, Jan. 17

Sunday, Jan. 18

Monday, Jan. 19

Tuesday, Jan. 20

Wednesday, Jan. 21

Thursday, Jan. 22

Friday, Jan. 23

Saturday, Jan. 24

Sunday. Jan. 25

Monday, Jan. 26

Tuesday, Jan. 27

Wednesday, Jan. 28

Thursday, Jan. 29

Saturday, Jan. 31

Sunday, Feb. 1

Tuesday, Feb. 3

Wednesday, Feb. 4

Thursday, Feb. 5

Sunday, Feb. 8

Wednesday, Feb. 11

Thursday, Feb. 12

Tuesday, Feb. 17

Thursday, Feb. 19

Saturday, Feb. 21

Sunday, Feb. 22

Monday, Feb. 23

Wednesday, Feb. 25

Friday, Feb. 27

Sunday, March 1

Monday, March 2

Tuesday, March 3

Wednesday, March 4

Thursday, March 5

Sunday, March 15

Tuesday, March 17

Wednesday, March 18

Friday, March 20

Monday, March 23

Wednesday, March 25

Thursday, March 26

Sunday, March 29

Tuesday, March 31

Saturday, April 4

Sunday, April 5

Friday, April 10

Sunday, April 12

Saturday, April 18

Thursday, May 14

Monday, May 25