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103 Times Shonda Rhimes Totally "Handled" TV In 2014

ABC powerhouse writer and producer Shonda Rhimes gave us countless thrilling stories on Grey's Anatomy and Scandal this year. (Sadly, we couldn't include How to Get Away With Murder since she is an executive producer.) WARNING: ALL OF THE SPOILERS!

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Nicole Wilder / ABC

1. When April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson (Jesse Williams) ran out of her wedding together and then had their own secret wedding. At least her beautiful dress didn't go to waste!

2. When Derek (Patrick Dempsey) got a job offer from the president of the United States. But the job was in Washington, D.C., because this is Mer-Der, people. Nothing is easy.

3. When Alex's (Justin Chambers) deadbeat dad died after Shane (Gaius Charles), in a sleep-deprived haze, chopped up his heart.

4. When Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) bought a house to make a fresh start.

5. When Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Cristina (Sandra Oh) finally made up after their long, stupid fight that plagued the first half of Season 10.

6. When Leah (Tessa Ferrer) filed a sexual harassment complaint against Callie, not the person she hooked up with, Arizona.

7. When the hospital, as a result of the complaint, had to implement a nonfraternization policy.

8. When Cristina got drunk and wandered into Owen's (Kevin McKidd) trailer. They slept together, even though he was still with Emma (Marguerite Moreau). But the classy Owen came clean, sort of, and he and Emma broke up.

9. When Alex and Jo (Camilla Luddington) had a huge "breakup" in front of the whole hospital due to the aforementioned nonfraternization policy. But then Jackson and April caught them hooking up in a supply closet.

10. When, in addition to Meredith, Derek had to screw over Callie and take away his equipment from her trial because of his commitment to the president. Not cool, POTUS. Derek later convinced the White House to let Callie use the machines. All's well that ends well?

11. When Cristina and Shane got the AMAZING HLHS trial up and running.

12. When Catherine (Debbie Allen) made April sign a prenup. And that led to a big argument between the newlyweds about what religion they'll raise their children.

13. When the hospital staff threw a surprise party for Richard's (James Pickens Jr.) birthday!

14. When Richard was put in charge of the residents.

15. When Cristina had a sliding doors episode. On one path, she was married and had children with Owen and Shane won the Harper Avery for the HLHS trial. On the other, she was alone and won it herself. (Also, Meredith had this really cool see-through futuristic phone.)

16. When a boy got put in a bubble and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) eventually found a cure for his genetic mutation with an HIV strain. But the family got mad she moved forward with the treatment when they didn't want him to have it, and so she got in a lot of trouble. But Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) stuck her neck out for Bailey and everything was fine.

17. When a family with three children, all with heart failure, came into the hospital and Cristina formed a close relationship with them.

18. When the hospital became overrun with the flu. Derek got it and collapsed before a big speech, so Meredith gave the speech for him, despite not approving of his research.

19. When Alex went into private practice. He earned a lot of money and bought a fancy car.


21. When she went to the awards by herself (and forgot to wear deodorant), but Owen and Meredith showed up to support her anyway.

22. When Cristina lost the Harper Avery on a stupid technicality: She worked for a hospital that is owned by the same board that runs the award.

23. When April and Jackson, after fighting for weeks about religious beliefs, split up. But that didn't last long because April found out she's pregnant and went home to Jackson.

24. When Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) showed up at Derek's door.

25. When Richard and Catherine broke up, and then he admitted that he was going to propose.

26. When Cristina went to Zurich and saw DR. PRESTON FUCKING BURKE.

27. When Burke showed Cristina his crazy heart machines and told her he wanted her to take over his post. And on the plane back to Seattle, she decided to do it.

28. When Leah got fired for not being a good enough surgeon.

29. When Cristina wouldn't leave for her new Zurich job so Meredith made her head out right after surgery, without saying bye to anyone. She coincidentally ran into Derek, and they had the most appropriate and perfect good-bye. Then she said bye to Richard and Shane, and Shane convinced her to take him with her. And Owen was in surgery so she knocked on the glass and said bye.

30. When Cristina rode away in a cab, but reappeared to have one last dance party with Meredith (to Tegan and Sara's "Where Does The Good Go," obviously). And on her way out she told her she's the sun.

31. When Meredith didn't want to go to D.C., which led her to have a huge fight with Derek. He ended up turning down the job, without consulting Meredith, and that made her even more mad.

32. When Richard realized Cristina's replacement Maggie (Kelly McCreary) is his daughter with Ellis (Kate Burton) who he never knew about.

33. When Alex and Bailey fought over Cristina's board seat (Bailey won, but Alex still returned to the hospital).

34. When you realized Ellis was probably pregnant with Maggie during that big fight at the carousel. (Thanks, dizzying flashbacks!)

35. When there's a flashback to Meredith as a 5-year-old standing in the hospital as her mother gave birth behind a curtain.

36. When Alex became Meredith's new Cristina.

37. When Arizona decided to get a fetal surgery fellowship with Dottie Hinson, I mean, Dr. Herman (Geena Davis).

38. When Meredith found out Maggie is her sister.

39. When Meredith and Alex called in "sick" so they could drink. They hacked into the hospital records and realized Ellis was being treated for a suicide attempt around the time she found out she was pregnant.

40. When Richard, after weeks of stalling, told Maggie he's her father. She didn't take it well.

41. When Owen convinced Callie to work with war vets on prosthetics.

42. When Meredith started reading Ellis' old journals from spring 1983.

43. When a young Richard and young Ellis showed how the two decided to be together, but the Harper Avery got in the way of things.

44. When Arizona and Callie took their "break" and then ended up fully separating, after like 17 years of fighting.

45. When Meredith and Callie went to Joe's and had the best drunk scene ever.

46. When Dr. Herman was super mean to Arizona. But only because she's dying and wanted Arizona to learn as much as possible quickly.

47. When there were more flashbacks! This time, of Derek in the convenience store where his father was shot.

48. When Amelia was ousted for being in Narcotics Anonymous by a patient's daughter. Derek kind of told Hunt that Amelia should go but then recovered and saved her job.

49. When Maggie and Meredith bonded over an approach to a case that is different than Derek's. (Derek then tried to get Richard on his side.)

50. When Maggie agreed to coffee with Richard to learn more about surgery from him.

51. When Stephanie found a fetal problem with April and Jackson's baby. And then Jackson overheard Herman saying the baby won't live.

52. When Arizona was annoying again and secretly ordered all of Herman's charts to look over, and then Amelia got her hands on them and thought she knew a cure.

53. And when the White House sent someone to convince Derek to take the job he turned down. And he did, after Meredith told him to, and then he walked away from her.

54. When Sally (Kate Burton) announced she was running for president against Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), but she wouldn't leave the vice presidency seat.

55. When David (Josh Malina) played a tape for James (Dan Bucatinsky) of Sally calling Cyrus (Jeff Perry) and admitting she killed her husband. James became determined to incriminate Cyrus so he bugged Cyrus' office and got a recording of him and Leo (Paul Adelstein) talking about the vice president's husband's death.

56. When Publius appeared, and became the worst code name ever on TV. Or in life.

57. When Quinn (Katie Lowes) bought her first toolbox!

58. When Mellie (Bellamy Young) and Olivia (Kerry Washington) had a public lunch for the press. Because, despite the rumors, the first lady wouldn't dine with her husband's mistress, right?!

59. When Adnan (Nazanin Boniadi) got back into the country and seduced Harrison (Columbus Short).

60. When Andrew (Jon Tenney) and Mellie's flame was resparked, which meant both the president and first lady were having affairs.

61. When Andrew covered for Mellie over a pill scandal when she tried to overdose.

62. When Adnan, as it turned out, was working for Maya (Khandi Alexander).

63. When Sally went crazy and thought she was being punished by God for murdering her husband, and was maybe possessed?

64. When Quinn's new job was to answer the phone at a fake paper company.

65. When Cyrus wanted Jake (Scott Foley) to kill Sally because she wanted to confess to the whole murder cover-up. Liv told Fitz everything and asked him to throw the debate. He did, sort of, which fueled Sally.

66. When Jake killed two women — Shelby (Julia Cho) and Vanessa (Jennifer Peo) — and James! And it was not too long before Liv found out. And Cyrus, for that matter.

67. When Liv and David teamed up in front of the National Mall to take down B613.


68. When Fitz and Mellie's children came home! And Jerry Jr. (Dylan Minnette) tried to sabotage Fitz's campaign. The Grant kids also found out about Andrew and Mellie's affair.

69. When Quinn licked Huck's (Guillermo Diaz) face.

70. When Adnan knocked out Harrison and stole the president's itinerary from Liv's computer.

71. When Abby (Darby Stanchfield) tried to be Olivia's proxy at the White House, so she was forced to wear a white coat.

72. When Liv had dinner with her mom and dad!

73. When she shut down B613's communication. In the darkness, Adnan escaped with a bomb.

74. When Rowan (Joe Morton) went to OPA to help find Maya. They kidnapped Dominic (Sebastian Roché), Maya's lover. Rowan played a round of Russian roulette with him for information and then killed him.

75. When Rowan was stabbed at OPA.

76. When, after receiving a tip from Jake, Cyrus took his time warning about a bomb in the church. Most people got out of the church in time, but Sally tried to help the wounded (for a campaign stunt). Every cable network cut away from Fitz's remarks to show Sally caring for the injured.

77. When Rowan had Jerry Jr. killed with a poke of meningitis.

78. When Harrison figured out Rowan's master plan and then was killed.

79. When Olivia rode off into the sun with Jake.

80. When Huck went to see his long-lost wife and son. They were not so happy to see him, so he started stalking them. And playing video games with his son over the computer.

81. When Maya ended up in the hole.

82. When Liv left the remote island she'd been living on with Jake and returned to D.C. after hearing about Harrison.

83. When Liv returned to find a few things had changed: Huck worked at a Genius Bar; Abby was running things at the White House (well, "Gabby" was); and Quinn was, IDK, making coffee at the office for herself?

84. When we were introduced to Fuck-It Mellie!

85. When David scoured a ton of B613 files that Jake left him.

86. When Mellie showed Fitz who was boss when they chatted on the porch.

87. When Mellie proved she is the strongest woman in ShondaLand by showing up for the State of the Union address.


88. When Liz (Portia de Rossi) made Cyrus' life hell.

89. When Cyrus hooked up with a prostitute.

90. When Karen Grant (Mary Mouser) made the dirtiest sex tape ever. And went to France.

91. When Jake was taken into custody by the White House for the murder of Jerry Jr.

92. When Jake and Fitz went head-to-head over the death of Jerry Jr. Or Liv. Or Jerry Jr. (It's hard to keep track.)

93. When Mellie took off her Uggs. Fuck-It Mellie, we hardly knew thee, but we loved thee so.

94. When OPA ordered a hit on Tom (Brian Letscher), from "Command." Finally, Fitz believed Jake and Liv that Rowan was the bad guy and they all teamed up to take him down.

95. When Abby's abusive ex came back and it nearly destroyed her. But she ended up destroying him!

96. When Leo and Abby made out in the White House pressroom.

97. When Liz became a client of OPA. But when Liv realized Liz was spying on Cyrus, she flipped on her.

98. When Huck hung with his son, and accidentally killed someone in front of him.

99. When there was a small car bomb near Andrew, but he was fine. In fact, he knew about it. Sneaky, that one.

100. When Liv tried to kill her father in a restaurant. But instead, he and his men killed a ton of military men and escaped.

101. When Jake was tracking down Rowan, but, before he could, Rowan tracked Olivia to her dining room. She grabbed his gun and pulled the trigger on him. It was a test. The gun wasn't loaded.

102. When Andrew was working with Liz and was going to use blackmail photos of Liv to force Fitz into war with West Angola.

103. When Liv was mysteriously taken from her living room when Jake stepped out of the room. And she spilled her wine on her white couch!

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