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    21 Life Struggles That Are All Too Real When You're From The Wirral

    How do you begin to explain the Paradise Peninsula?

    1. Being called a Scouser by everyone apart from actual Scousers, who refer to you as a “Plastic Scouser”.

    The CW

    Thereby confusing your already fragile sense of identity.

    2. Trying to explain to people what exactly a "peninsula" is and realising before you've even started that they really don't care.

    Google Maps

    "It's a body of land with water on three sides…"

    3. Dealing with the official name for Wirral dwellers being "Wirralian" and having to say it out loud.


    "We come in peace."

    4. Eye-rolling at Londoners who think the tube is rowdy when they’ve never been on Merseyrail.

    5. Never knowing quite why you live “on” the Wirral and not “in” the Wirral.

    Twitter: @katie_homes / Via Twitter: @katie_homes

    And then overthinking it and confusing yourself.

    6. Never properly enjoying a birthday again once you’re too old to visit the Crocky Trail.

    7. Visiting actual Brighton and realising the audacity of the name New Brighton in comparison.

    Flickr: 9840291@N03

    Although don't underestimate the lure of the Prezzo or Home Bargains.

    8. Feeling the urge to tell everyone you meet that Daniel Craig is from the Wirral.


    Imagine if all the Wirral men looked like this coming out of the Marine Lake.

    9. Taking your driving test on the Lever Causeway and feeling your rapidly impending death approach.



    10. Dealing with a lifelong fear of marshes because you’ve heard the horror stories of people lost forever after climbing over the wall at Park Gate.

    11. Not being able to stop yourself singing along when you hear "Ferry Across the Mersey". Particularly when they play it on the actual ferry.

    Flickr: jjordan64816

    This land IS the place I love.

    12. Feeling a sense of loyalty towards shopping centres after all the time you spent hanging out at the Birkenhead Pyramids.

    Flickr: wilfredknievel / Creative Commons /

    13. Having to accept the ridiculously high fare of any taxi willing to take you back to the Wirral after a night out in Liverpool.

    New Line Cinema

    One does not simply walk through the tunnel.

    14. Visiting Central Park in New York and being less than impressed because you know the design is based on Birkenhead Park and it will always reign supreme.

    15. Counting the number of hours you’ve lost trying to navigate Clatterbridge roundabout and breaking out in a sweat at the thought of driving around it.

    20th Century Fox

    16. Choosing between Odeon Bromborough, Vue Birkenhead, or The Light in New Brighton.

    Flickr: 121958154@N04 / Creative Commons /

    But picking the trip through the tunnel and a £9 parking charge in Liverpool One if it's actually a film worth seeing.

    17. Joining in with the Wirral's obsession with golf, particularly during the Open Championships at Royal Liverpool when the celebrity sightings ramp up.

    18. Not being sure if you can actually swim or not because you spent all your time in Europa Pools just dodging the terrifying wave machine. / Via Twitter: @Arkham24601

    Or queueing for the slides that went OUTSIDE the building.

    19. Spotting the Mersey tunnel in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and needing to point it out every time the movie is on.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    All other tunnels, have a day off.

    20. Venturing out for the night in Birkenvegas and immediately getting in a fight.

    Flickr: thomwatson / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

    "Wind yer neck in."

    21. Feeling sorry for people who didn't grow up with beautiful, beachy shorelines all around them.

    Flickr: ruth_w

    Just like in The O.C.

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