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21 Life Struggles That Are All Too Real When You're From The Wirral

How do you begin to explain the Paradise Peninsula?

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4. Eye-rolling at Londoners who think the tube is rowdy when they’ve never been on Merseyrail.

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Especially the run up the escalators at Liverpool Central when you've overdone the pre-drinks and need a wee.


6. Never properly enjoying a birthday again once you’re too old to visit the Crocky Trail.

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10. Dealing with a lifelong fear of marshes because you’ve heard the horror stories of people lost forever after climbing over the wall at Park Gate.

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It's like Game of Thrones* beyond that wall, for all we know.

*Actually, it's just Wales.


14. Visiting Central Park in New York and being less than impressed because you know the design is based on Birkenhead Park and it will always reign supreme.

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Parks and recreational drug users FTW.

16. Choosing between Odeon Bromborough, Vue Birkenhead, or The Light in New Brighton.

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But picking the trip through the tunnel and a £9 parking charge in Liverpool One if it's actually a film worth seeing.


17. Joining in with the Wirral's obsession with golf, particularly during the Open Championships at Royal Liverpool when the celebrity sightings ramp up.

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“Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas were definitely seen shopping in West Kirby Morrisons, ask anyone.”