I lived in California until I was 13, moved to the Space Coast and Central Florida for 21 years and moved back to California. I now live in Los Angeles and I'm finishing up my degree online from UCF. In Florida I helped a few cats find new homes, ...
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    • emilyn2

      Hi. You’re also the type of person to be cyber bullied. Honestly, wtf there’s a “type” now according to you? I want her to track down those a$$holes. I want your boss and your relatives to know you wrote this and that you turned out to be this much of a jerk. You’re bullying her over complaining about being cyber bullied then it’s fair to tell you that it’s fair for people to criticize you right back. By your own logic if there’s a “type” of person then that type applies to you as well as anyone else. You sanctimonious idiot.

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