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6 Of Nina Dobrev's Best Moments On "The Vampire Diaries"

As we say goodbye to Elena Gilbert tonight, let's reflect on some of Nina's best moments! Spoilers below:

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1. Elena Saying Goodbye to Damon


When Damon died, Nina managed to make us cry with her heartbreaking performance that if we weren't crying before, we definitely were now! This scene showed that Nina can really portray any emotion.

2. Katherine Cutting Off John's Fingers


Nina showed she can act like the crazy, 500- year old vampire doppelgänger when she cut off John's fingers with no regret or emotion. Playing Katherine defiantly proved that Nina can act as multiple characters, and you knew in this moment that Katherine Pierce is not one to mess with.

3. Elena Breaking Down over Jeremy's Death

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Truly one of the saddest moments on TVD, Elena breaks down after finding out her brother Jeremy died and burns down her childhood home. Nina played the grief-stricken Elena beautifully and really made us fans feel like Jeremy was gone, although we know he eventually comes back!

4. Elena shoves the Cure Down Katherine's Throat


In one of the most intense Elena fights, Elena manages to shove the cure down Katherine's throat before Katherine can kill her. Managing to shove the cure down the 500-year old vampire's throat was an impressive feat- even more considering it was Nina playing both of the girls.

5. Elena Becomes A Vampire


Of course Elena becoming a vampire would make it on this list! We all thought we had lost Elena forever when she went off the Wickery Bridge, however, Elena had Damon's blood in her system and woke up in transition of being a vampire and later went on to feed, becoming a vampire.

6. Elena Tells Stefan She Loves Him for the First Time


The finally entry on my list is Elena telling Stefan she loves him for the first time. Paul Wesley and Nina had undeniable chemistry and the first time Elena told Stefan she loved him, Nina looked so pure and innocent and you could feel the true love Elena had for Stefan.

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