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    Zendaya Talked About What Tom Holland's "Support" And "Love" Meant To Her While Filming "Euphoria"

    "This isn't an easy job so it's good to have that."

    Zendaya and Tom Holland essentially broke the internet last summer when photos of them kissing, far away from any Spider-Man cameras, first surfaced online.

    close up of the couple at the Spider Man premiere

    Several months would pass before the pair seemingly and subtly confirmed rumors about their off-screen relationship. Then, just weeks ahead of No Way Home's anticipated release, Zendaya and Tom finally addressed the speculation outright in a joint interview.

    the couple looking at each other at a Spider-Man premiere

    That happened in November. And, after voicing a mutual desire to keep parts of their private romance, you know, private, Zendaya and Tom remained pretty low-key at events and public appearances.

    the two at a party together

    If they're still your favorite celebrity couple despite the elusiveness — or maybe because of it, since a little mystery is always fun — I get it. I'm also glad to report that Zendaya did acknowledge her relationship with Tom in recent comments to Entertainment Tonight.

    "It's great to have that support and that love around you, because you need that," she said while speaking about her role in the dark HBO drama, Euphoria. "This isn't an easy job so it's good to have that to free you up from it every now and then."

    the couple on a red carpet for SiriusXM

    Tom apparently spent quite a bit of time on the Euphoria set while its latest season was filming — the actor previously said he must have visited set "30 times" during production — which is the kind of supportive partner behavior we love to see.

    close up of the couple at a Spider-Man premiere

    Check out Zendaya's Entertainment Tonight interview for yourself here.