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    Travis Barker Said He "Might Fly Again" Almost 13 Years After Surviving A Plane Crash That Killed 4 Others

    He developed PTSD after the accident, which badly injured him.

    Travis Barker has avoided air travel since surviving a fatal plane crash in 2008. But, after more than a decade, the musician recently suggested that he could, at some point, be ready to board another flight.

    Travis Barker performs onstage during a concert at Venice Beach

    "I might fly again," Travis tweeted last Friday. While the short declaration didn't provide his followers with context about the reflection or its cause, thousands of social media users responded to the post with likes, retweets, and affirming comments.

    @travisbarker / Via Twitter: @travisbarker

    Some people shared personal stories about feeling hesitant to fly after having been involved in an accident themselves.

    @travisbarker I was in a plane crash as a child. It took me a few years to fly again. I fly all the time now, but every once and awhile the fear creeps back in. Breathing helps. I hope you make it back up one day. ✈️💙

    @victoria_heath7 / Via Twitter: @victoria_heath7

    Others noted that it would be completely reasonable if Travis decided that he never wanted to ride in an aircraft, and encouraged the Blink-182 drummer to redraw boundaries at a pace that works for him.

    @travisbarker No one could blame you if you never wanted to again. Hopefully we will see you in Australia sometime in the future.

    @DannyjClayton / Via Twitter: @DannyjClayton

    Travis and DJ AM — his friend and professional partner, who passed away in 2009 — were leaving a performance in North Carolina almost 13 years ago when their plane crashed during take-off.

    DJ AM and Travis Barker are photographed at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards

    They were the only two people on board who survived, and both men suffered serious injuries.

    Travis Barker is photographed at the premiere of NBC's "America's Got Talent: The Champions" season 2 finale

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