Che Diaz's Sara Ramirez Is Fully Aware Of "The Hate That Exists Online" And Says The Character "Is Not Here To Be Liked"

    Sara's Che has been branded the "worst" and "most hated" character on television.

    And Just Like That... has sparked online criticism and debate for a number of reasons since the anticipated Sex and the City revival debuted on HBO Max late last year. Among the characters and plot lines viewers found problematic was Che Diaz, the queer comedian played by Sara Ramirez, whom the internet branded "the worst" part of the show.

    As the reboot's first season draws to a close — the finale airs later today — Sara is reflecting on the "hate" that Che received throughout its run. In an interview with the New York Times, the actor also explained how they've learned to distance themselves from the role amid public criticism.

    "I'm very aware of the hate that exists online," said Sara, referencing critiques that call Che a "caricature" of someone who's nonbinary and queer while generally deriding their on-screen behavior.

    "But I have to protect my own mental health and my own artistry. And that's way more important to me because I'm a real human being," Sara continued, noting how "proud" they are "of the representation that [And Just Like That... has] created" with Che's introduction to the reboot alongside original cast members like Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis.

    "We have built a character who is a human being, who is imperfect, who's complex, who is not here to be liked, who's not here for anybody's approval. They're here to be themselves," Sara added. The actor additionally pointed out that they aren't responsible for many of the foundational elements of Che's character.

    "I'm also not in control of the writing," they said. "I welcome the passion that folks are bringing to the table around this representation. But in real life, there are a lot of different human beings who show up to the table, speaking truth to power in myriad ways."

    Michael Patrick King, the creator of And Just Like That... as well as Sex and the City, suggested some of the backlash against Sara's character is rooted in viewers' collective desire to pinpoint an antagonist on the show.

    "People are going to look for who's the villain," he recently told Variety. "Che is, in my estimation, honest, dangerous, sexy, funny and warm. What everybody else is projecting on that character has a lot to do with what they want to have happen to Miranda in the story. It has so little to do with Che."

    Check out Sara's full New York Times interview here.