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    Rose McGowan Says She Was Stung By A Murder Hornet And Chronicled Her Scary Symptoms, And I'm Thinking About Never Leaving The House Again

    "Incredible pain, right arm and leg going numb."

    Adding to the chaos of last year's health crisis, scientists in the Pacific Northwest confronted an invasive and infamous insect species — nicknamed murder hornets — which had crossed the ocean and arrived in the US at maybe the worst possible time. The wildlife predators are, unfortunately, still buzzing around the continent today, and occasionally messing with humans — apparently including Rose McGowan.

    The activist and actor recently took to Twitter with an alarming update and request for advice from knowledgeable social media followers.

    "I was just stung by a Murder Hornet," she wrote in the first of several tweets, which included an informative BBC video about the enormous critters known for destroying bee populations, and endangering crops and ecosystems.

    While a single murder hornet sting usually isn't life-threatening, their bites are notoriously painful. "Incredible pain, right arm and leg going numb. Heart racing," Rose's tweet continued. "Any tips?"

    I was just stung by a Murder Hornet. Incredible pain, right arm and leg going numb. Heart racing. Any tips?

    @rosemcgowan / Via Twitter: @rosemcgowan

    After confirming that she'd successfully "smashed" the offending insect, Rose said her symptoms worsened a few hours later. "My vision is now fuzzy," she wrote in another tweet. "My balance is off. I am in the middle of nowhere."

    Update on Murder Hornet situation- My vision is now fuzzy. My balance is off. I am in the middle of nowhere. My body is sweating, stomach cramping.

    @rosemcgowan / Via Twitter: @rosemcgowan

    Thankfully, someone came through with insightful recommendations for Rose about hornet stings and how she should proceed.

    @rosemcgowan / Via Twitter: @rosemcgowan

    We could all use a Dany in our lives for moments like these.

    The next day, it sounded like Rose's bite hadn't left more than a fleeting impression. "Thank you to all of you who helped me get through the Murder Hornet situation," she tweeted. "Thanks for 'listening.'"

    Thank you to all of you who helped me get through the Murder Hornet situation. Thanks for ‘listening.’ Sometimes I don’t know who to talk to about weird stuff, so all of you strangers that I’m connected to- muchísimas gracias! #junglelife

    @rosemcgowan / Via Twitter: @rosemcgowan

    IDK what to take away from this except dread and anxiety, since I'd kind of forgotten that murder hornets are a thing and definitely never knew their stings can lead to vision loss! And also balance issues! Glad to know that Rose is doing OK, though.