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    Rosamund Pike Is Going To Star In A Pandemic Movie Where The Deadly Disease Exclusively Targets Wealthy People

    It's called Rich Flu.

    In real life, health and economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic — like other infectious disease outbreaks throughout history — fall disproportionately on poorer countries and communities. But a new movie starring Rosamund Pike will turn this paradigm on its head. It's called Rich Flu.

    A closeup of Rosamund at a red carpet event

    As its title suggests, the upcoming dystopian thriller will center around a deadly illness that hits rich folks the hardest. In fact, the fictional disease exclusively targets the world's wealthiest and most powerful individuals, starting with those at the very top.

    Rosamund wearing an outfit with a tie and a netted head covering at a red carpet event

    Rosamund, of Gone Girl and I Care a Lot fame, has reportedly been cast in the film's leading role. Several outlets, including Deadline and the Hollywood Reporter shared news of her involvement in Rich Flu today alongside preliminary details about the movie.

    According to their reports, Rich Flu sees "billionaires and multi-millionaires" succumb to a "strange disease" that's recently emerged, before working its way through a global class of elites who are targeted based on fortune size, in descending order.

    Rosamund smiling in a pantsuit on the red carpet event

    Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia is set to direct Rich Flu. And if the Spanish filmmaker's smart and terrifying directorial debut, 2019's The Platform, is any measure of what's to come in his next movie, we can probably expect it to be good.

    Plus, there's Pablo Larraín, who directed the critically acclaimed biographical dramas Spencer and Jackie. He's also attached to Rich Flu in a producing role.

    "Rich Flu is an immense physical saga, full of twists, obstacles, and surprises," said Galder in comments to the Hollywood Reporter. "But, above all, it is a complex and provocative emotional journey to the depths of the human soul and the pinnacles of our glorious self-indulgence."

    What do you all think of Rich Flu? Will you be watching?