Rihanna Marketed Fenty Beauty's New Fragrance With A Video Of Celebs Talking About How Great She Smells, And The Perfume Sold Out Immediately

    Relatedly, Fenty Beauty's first fragrance is here.

    Rihanna is an award-winning musician, occasional actor, designer, and exceptionally successful businesswoman. Also worth noting — apparently — is the recently-minted, self-made billionaire's reputation for smelling great. Like, unusually, divinely great, according to those lucky enough to have met her in person.

    Rihanna is photographed at The Fashion Awards in London in 2019

    There's a long list of celebrities who will gladly attest to Rihanna's signature scent. It includes: Lil Nas X, Cardi B, Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Seacrest, and Jim Parsons, among many, many more.

    Rihanna is pictured walking on the set of her music video in the Bronx in July of 2021

    Don't take my word for it. Yesterday, Rihanna shared a minute-long compilation video, composed of short clips where fellow stars speak incredulously about her reliably nice aroma, to both Instagram and Twitter.

    just sayin’ 🤷🏿‍♀️…

    @rihanna / Via Twitter: @rihanna

    The montage starts off with a clip of Lil Nas X responding to a question about his favorite smell. The rapper answers, "Rihanna," without missing a beat.

    Rihanna is photographed carrying a gift bag in New York City

    Rihanna captioned the video "Just sayin'" but those of us who've been following Fenty Beauty's latest updates know its emergence on social media yesterday coincided with the launch of her upcoming Fenty Parfum.

    Rihanna is photographed outside in New York City in July of 2021

    Excellent advertising, IMO. And it looks like others agreed, since Rihanna confirmed the new perfume was already sold out by this morning.

    Excuse me while I peruse Fenty's preorder options real quick. If her celeb endorsements are any indication, chances are, it's going to take more than an artificial fragrance purchase if the rest of us want to start smelling like Rihanna. But (for $120 plus tax) we sure can dream.