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    Penn Badgley Agrees, Dan Humphrey Is Simply The Worst: "This Is Villainous"

    "These storylines are twisted."

    Penn Badgley plays one of the most atrocious villains on television right now.

    Joe Goldberg, his lead character in Netflix's You, is an obsessive and murderous stalker masquerading as your average introverted nice guy, who commits various abominable crimes over the course of the show's three seasons.

    Penn is no stranger to villainous roles. He previously starred as Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl, a character whose actions were also consistently heinous although not necessarily showcased that way.

    Now, on the heels of You's latest season release, Penn shared some reflections about Dan — who, he agrees, was simply and undeniably the absolute worst.

    "He outed his sister losing her virginity," Penn noted during a recent Q&A with Esquire, where he looked back on just a few standout offenses from Dan.

    "These storylines are twisted. This is villainous," he continued, accurately.

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    "I am known for playing villainous and off-putting characters," Penn went on, referencing a line that supposedly once appeared on his Wikipedia page. "How did I end up here?"

    Find out what else Penn had to say about Dan being truly terrible in the clip above.