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    Someone Get Megan Fox A Guest Spot On "Euphoria," Because Her AP Lit Professor Look Is A+

    "If I were the AP Literature teacher at Euphoria High."

    Euphoria has trended on TikTok all week long. As people stepped into "classroom" attire inspired by students at the HBO drama's fictional high school, where pesky dress codes don't exist and kids express their exceptional styles freely, Megan Fox tossed an outfit idea of her own into the mix.

    Megan at a red carpet event wearing a beaded gown and rocking a pulled back up-do with bangs

    We're not keeping score, but if participating in this social media fad were an exam, then Megan passed with flying colors.

    Megan at a red carpet event with her hair down in a wet-and-wavy look

    The actor presented her fashionable application for a spot on Euphoria High's payroll via an Instagram carousel, which included several photos of her wearing a gray pantsuit and heels.

    Megan with her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly

    And since her post came on the heels of Megan's recent engagement to Machine Gun Kelly, she also took the opportunity to show off her controversial and potentially non-removable ring.

    MGK with his arm around Megan as they pose on the red carpet for an I heart radio event

    "If I were the AP Literature teacher at Euphoria High," Megan captioned the Instagram snaps.

    Those who've been keeping up with Euphoria's second season know that daydream scenes where Zendaya's character gives stressful lessons on how to deceive one's family are the closest we get to watching a professor in action.

    Rue using a pointer while giving a lesson

    But based on the ensembles we've seen from members of Euphoria's student body, it seems pretty safe to say Megan understood the assignment.

    Maddy and Cassie walking down the hallway of their school wearing similar knit long-sleeved crop tops and pants

    Honestly, A+.

    Megan wearing a pantsuit with a cutout on the top with a matching box purse and heels