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This "Love Is Blind" Editing Error Went Viral On TikTok, And Now I'm Questioning Everything

"How did that even just happen?"

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There's been lots of talk about heavy editing on Love Is Blind since Season 2 premiered in February.

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Love Is Blind creator Chris Coelen recently clarified that the show's trademark gold cups constantly appeared onscreen for thematic reasons, after people suggested they were used to distract from awkward, noticeable cuts. But viewers just spotted a new one anyway.

Those who watched Love Is Blind's second installment will remember Sal Perez, who proposed to fellow contestant Mallory Zapata after speed-dating in the pods.

They proceeded onto the next step of Love Is Blind — living together — and engaged in what seemed like a reflective and productive conversation about partnership challenges one night over a surprise dinner that Sal prepared.

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Well, it turns out their chat may have looked different IRL from how it did on TV. As TikTok user @straightouttaperu recently pointed out in a video that's gone viral, Sal and Mallory's discussion could not have gone the way it seemed to go on Love Is Blind.

When the TikToker walked viewers through Sal and Mallory's dinner conversation, they noted how every few seconds, the amount of food on each person's plate completely changes.


The amount of times we will never notice 🤡 #loveisblind

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Like, full to empty...

...back to full. And then empty? The scene cuts back and forth between Sal and Mallory so quickly, such small details are easy to miss.

Text over an image of the dinner scene: "Im convinced this whole show is cut up clips"

"These people ... that was one fluid conversation," the TikTok user said after explaining their discovery. "How did that even just happen? How?"

Suspicious? I think so...

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