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    Lily Collins Explained How She And Charlie McDowell Fared Without Plumbing On Their Honeymoon: "It Was Intimate"

    The couple stayed at a sustainable treehouse hotel in Sweden.

    Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell celebrated their nuptials in a few different locations this past fall. Most were fairly remote, as we saw in photos that Lily shared from the couple's wedding and honeymoon.

    Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell are pictured walking in formal wear while holding hands

    The Emily in Paris star and her husband exchanged vows in Colorado's Dunton Hot Springs in early September. Charlie, a filmmaker whose father is British actor Malcolm McDowell, has been Lily's partner for several years.

    The newlyweds traveled to Europe about a month later for their honeymoon, which took them to various Scandinavian locations across Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

    It sounds like the pair became closely acquainted with nature — and also each other — during their trip. As Lily recalled during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the amenities at one outdoorsy accommodation were somewhat nontraditional.

    Lily and Charlie spent some of their honeymoon at the Swedish Lapland's Tree Hotel, a complex of treehouses renowned for their architecture. The views were no doubt unparalleled — the only thing missing was plumbing.

    "You do anything you're gonna do into a paper bag, which then gets incinerated, which then turns to dust, which gets buried and made into a tree!" Lily explained of the hotel's workaround method. She seemed to reference the eco-friendly incinerator toilets that Tree Hotel advertises online.

    Lily Collins on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

    Some light research suggests the incinerator model's sustainable cousin, a composting toilet, is the only kind that's capable of eventually contributing to soil replenishment. But, in any case, "It was intimate, I'll tell you that much," Lily concluded of the experience, which isn't hard to believe.

    You can watch Lily recount the adventure here.