Jodie Turner-Smith Posted Some Unbelievable Nudes On Instagram And Joshua Jackson's Response Proved, Again, He Knows How Lucky He Is


    Jodie-Turner Smith and Joshua Jackson continue to be one of the best couples there is.

    The pair — known, loved, and lionized for their swoon-worthy social media exchanges and fun romance anecdotes, that are sometimes rated PG-13 — gave adoring fans, like moi, another glimpse at their enviable relationship dynamic last night.

    If you've yet to witness their latest Instagram interaction, here's how it all went down. Jodie broke the internet — classic — when she posted a stunning carousel of photos that included several shots of her posing nude on a balcony.

    "The cat that got the cream," she captioned the post. I feel as though we can safely assume that Joshua, who appears beside his wife in a suit, pre-Critics Choice Awards, in two of her pictures, is the cat in this scenario.

    Joshua, bless his heart, was thinking the same thing.

    "You're talking about me right?" he wrote in the comments. "I'm the cat that got the"

    These two are the definition of goals, folks. And thankfully they won't let us forget it.