Jason Sudeikis Looked Back On The Day He Allowed Olivia Wilde And Ellen DeGeneres To Cut His Hair On TV

    "I don't care."

    Jason Sudeikis isn't afraid to undergo an occasional hair transformation, not even when the trim in question plays out on network television or at a small child's behest.

    Jason smiling

    Those who watched Jason's widely acclaimed AppleTV+ series Ted Lasso might have already noticed the actor's latest style shift. Between filming the show and awards season, Jason lost his titular character's trademark mustache.

    It turns out that Jason's 5-year-old daughter, Daisy, who he shares with ex-partner Olivia Wilde, was responsible for the mustache makeover. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, Jason confirmed that he did, in fact, allow Daisy to remove his facial hair after filming wrapped on Season 2 of Ted Lasso.

    "Just so she knew it was me," he joked, before adding: "But I paid her. She's 5. She was actually 4 at the moment. But it was one of those clippers."

    Jason acknowledging the audience during a late night tv interview

    This wasn't the first time Jason gave hairstyling rights to unlikely people. "You and Olivia cut my hair one of the last times I was here," he told Ellen during their interview, referencing a segment in 2019 where he and his ex both appeared as guests.

    Jason, with a mustache, and Olivia posing at an event for photographers

    "I was going to say, you're really risky, because I cut your hair when you were here last time," the host replied.

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    "Yeah, no...you guys went at it," Jason recalled.

    Jason getting his hair cut with a perturbed look on his face

    "And now, Daisy shaves my mustache," he continued.

    "I don't care."

    You can relive the memorable throwback moment here or in the clip above.