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    Harry Styles Stopped A Concert To "Reveal The Gender" Of An Audience Member's Baby

    The fan asked him to do it.

    Harry Styles often makes a point to interact with concertgoers who've come to see him perform, and, lately, the singer's exchanges with fans have become more and more personal.

    About a week after giving dating advice to an attendee at a show in St. Paul, Harry paused a more recent performance in Nashville to help with a baby's "gender reveal" at one audience member's request.

    Twitter photos indicated that one attendee and a friend brought posters to the Nashville concert, which read, "I'm having a baby please make it your business," and "Open these gender results."

    The latter sign featured arrows pointing to a small envelope that Harry did ultimately open on stage, announcing, "[it's] a little baby girl," in the rather dramatic sequence that plays out in the video below.

    Harry Styles doing the ultimate gender reveal. #HSLOTNashville "A little baby girl" "That's what I that what you wanted?"

    @calamity_vol6_ / Via Twitter: @calamity_vol6_

    Even though the announcement prompted cheers from the audience, it's important to remember that "gender reveal" parties are an offensive, outdated tradition since a person's assigned sex at birth has no bearing on their gender, and reinforces harmful stereotypes. "Gender reveal" parties have also caused massive damage to the environment. Not to mention, in 2019, the person who "invented" gender reveal parties said she regrets having done it.

    Last year, Emily Ratajowski explained how unimportant the sex assigned at birth of an unborn baby is when sharing she was pregnant.

    You can learn more about why "gender reveals" are harmful here.